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DIY Bunny Rabbit Topiary From Tomato Cage!

Shirley-Bovshow-bunny-rabbit-topiary-from tomato-cage-home-and-family

My fingers are still tender from working on my DIY bunny rabbit topiary made from a repurposed tomato cage and floral netting!

After trying six different design approaches for the bunny topiary, I finally settled on using a tomato cage as a support.

You can't beat the 2 dollar price tag and the small tomato cage frame is the perfect size to fit a 1 or 5 gallon size plant.

And so, I presented my design on the Home and Family show on the Hallmark channel where I appear as the garden design expert.


I love the challenge of coming up with new ideas and garden design projects every week for the show.

The bunny topiary was a challenge because it had to be easy enough for most people to do, use inexpensive materials, and be structurally viable.

I was excited when I finally thought of using a tomato cage and estatic when I put it together and it actually looked kind of cute!


Want to make one?

Here we go.


Materials for Shirley's DIY Bunny Rabbit Topiary From Tomato Cage 

  • Small tomato cage (used as topiary support)
  • 4 packs of green floral wire netting by  Panagea  12" x 48"-inches ( $3 each Joann's)
  • 1 pack 22g green floral wire
  • 1 lightweight plant container
  • 1- 5-gallon African Boxwood plant (SEE NOTE)
  • 3- 4"-inch English Daisies
  • 1-4"-inch Festuca blue- (to use as bunny's tail)
  • 1-pack "sew on eyes" (.50 cents at Joann's)
  • Sphagnum moss

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NOTE: Use an evergreen plant for a topiary frame so it looks good year-round.

Select plants with small leaves and dense, green foliage that looks good when sheared.

Examples include boxwood, myrtle, syzygium, laurel, privet, rosemary, ivy, creeping fig vine.

Buy compact varieties of these plants for small topiaries and regular growing varieties for large landscape topiaries.


Create the Bunny Topiary Frame

  1. Check  that your inverted tomato cage fits over your plant and sits on the soil of the container.
  2. Remove your tomato cage from plant and wrap with floral netting, securing with floral wire beginning at the base of cage and work your way up.
  3. Pull your netting as you wrap it around so that it is not loose.
  4. Cut off the metal stakes that stick up from the tomato cage with wire cutters.
  5. Place the covered tomato cage carefully over your plant.
  6. Reuse the cut metal stakes to secure the cage to the planter by bending them in half and inserting in soil.
  7. Cut a 8"-10"- inch piece of netting and press it on top of a round object to curve it- this will become the top of the bunny head.
  8. Secure the netting to the top of the topiary form, closing the gap and creating the top of the "head"
  9. Cut another 8-10"-inch netting and shape on top of round object- this will become the bunny's face.

10.Secure the "bunny face to the top of the frame and "head"

Add Appendages



Cut 2 pieces of netting 8"-inches tall by 6"-inches wide.

Fill each piece with moist moss and fold in half lengthwise.

Close with wire and attach to frame with wire.

Bend feet upwards.



Cut 2 pieces of netting, approx 4"-inches tall by 6"-inches wide.

Fill each with moss and fold in half lengthwise.

Close with wire and attach to frame with wire.



Cut two pieces of netting, 12"-inches tall by 6"-inches wide.

Fill each with moss and fold in half lengthwise.

Close with wire and attach to frame with wire.



  1. Attach the "Sew on Eyes" with a piece of wire onto the "face" 
  2. Plant the Festuca grass where the bunny tail would be.
  3. Plant a few English Daisies along the rim of planter
  4. Finish with a hand painted sign that reads: "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" 




Watch the video of my segment on Home and Family





Miniature Rose Garden With Repurposed Glass Bottle Arbor

Liquor-bottle-arbor-for-roses-mini-garden-for valentines shirley-bovshow

I designed a miniature rose garden featuring repurposed glass bottles which I made into an arbor just in time for Valentines Day!

Don't ask me where I get my wild ideas, I just get them.

I have a collection of gorgeous liquor or "spirit" bottles that I picked up in an alley behind a bar in Sherman Oaks, California a couple of years ago.

It's been my intention to use these beautifully shaped bottles in my garden designs, and I finally used a couple of them.


If you watch my gardening segments on the Home & Family show on the Hallmark channel, you might be visiting my blog, EdenMakers, to read more information or to see more photos of the miniature rose garden I presented on the show.

You've come to the right place!




Take a look at my "Glass Bottle Arbor and Rose Mini Garden" from start to finish with a little video thrown in!


Video, "Shirley Bovshow's Mini Rose Garden on Home and Family Show"



Miniature roses in 4 or 5"-inch container
Sweet Alyssum in multi pack size
potting soil
Urn or container 5-gallon size is ideal
Fill your container up to 1-inch shy of the rim with well draining potting soil
 Remove all labels from bottle and wash inside and out before using in your container garden.
22-gauge florist wire to wrap around bottle
2- bottles (nicely shaped)
2-wine corks
1-Covered wire stem (to make top of arbor)
Sharp scissors
1-heart-shaped cookie cutter
1-package of red "sparkle glass"
Package of small white pebbles
pantyhose discards



1. Select two identical bottles, wash inside and out, remove labels.
2. Starting at the bottom of the bottle, wrap 22-gauge florist wire around the base and extend to neck of bottle.
    Twist wire to other side of bottle neck and extend downward to bottom of bottle.
    Cut wire and tighten ends together.
3. Wrap floral wire horizontally around the bottle to create a "trellis" grid for the roses to be attached to.
    Wrap at least 3 horizontal wires.
4. Drill a small hole on top of wine corks with end of scissors or small nail.
    (This will make inserting the wire for the "arbor top" easier).
5. Twist a couple of covered wire stems together and shape into a small arch.
6. Insert the two bottles into the potting soil, burying approximately, 1/2 – 1"-inch of the bottom of the bottle.
    Make sure the two are at the same level and directly across each other.
7. Insert the wine corks into the bottles and join the two bottles by inserting bent covered wire into each of the corks.
    This is the top of your arbor.
pink-mini-rose-growing-on-mini-arbor-perfect for Valentines edenmakers
8. Plant your roses on each side of the bottle and attach stems to the grid using small pieces of pre-bent wire.
9. Plant sweet alyssum along edges of your container.
10.Cover the soil with old pantyhose or landscaping material so that the topping won't sink into the soil after watering.
     Top with white pebbles.
Miniature rose garden floor covered with white pebbles
11. Insert the heart-shaped cookie cutter into the pebbles and top with red sparkle glass.
12. Cover the bare soil near the plants with sphagnum moss
close-up-bottle-rose-mini garden
13. Hang a small crystal pendant from arbor.
14. Place a small bench in your garden.
Water lightly and place indoors near sunny window or outside in covered patio in bright spot.
After roses fade, plant them in your yard in a sunny location that get six hours of full sun each day.
Liquor-bottle-arbor-for-roses-mini-garden-for valentines shirley-bovshow
1. Water your miniature rose garden when the soil feels dry to the touch.
2. Remove old flowers once they are spent to keep the garden looking fresh
3. As rose plants grows, you can re-pot each rose in it's own container or plant outdoors in the garden as weather permits.


Contrary to popular practice, you don't have to throw away your supermarket miniature rose when it stops blooming.
These roses are just as strong as their full sized counterparts.
Many miniature roses will grow up to 2-3'-feet tall when planted in the ground and are ideal for small spaced gardens.
Plant your miniature rose outdoors in the spring after all threat of frost is over in a location that receives at least 6 hours of full sun.
Water, fertilize as often as you would your full size roses.

More Miniature and Fairy Gardens by Shirley Bovshow

I've created a number of miniature and fairy gardens throughout the years.

Here are some links to other blog posts as well as videos of my projects.



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Miniature Rose Garden: Container Idea

Butterdish Terrarium by Shirley Bovshow


Videos on Miniature and Fairy Gardening with Shirley Bovshow


"How to Make Your First Fairy Garden and Miniature Garden"


"Make a Mini Garden With Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Mandevilla"

Do you have any questions about miniature or fairy gardens that I can answer?

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Legacy Plants: Cloning Your Plants on Home & Family Show


My latest segment on "Home & Family" show is about "Legacy Plants," or special plants that have been passed to others through cloning.

There is nothing new about taking cuttings to multiply a plant but what is unique about my Legacy Plant design is the way the plants are shared.


Take a Closer Look!



Instead of handing over a cutting of your special plant in a plastic bag or in a small growing pot, create a "gift package" that elevates your plant to heirloom status.

I know I would treat a gift plant with much more importance if it looked like the plant in the photo above.


Legacy Plant Gift Kit

Place your plant cutting into a beautiful container after it has grown a decent size.

Don't leave it in your plastic grow pot.



I blinged out my plant with sheet moss and decorative shells.


An important feature of the Legacy Plant kit is a framed photograph of the plant and the plant owner that accompanies the gift plant.

In addition to this, I designed a custom plant tag that tells the story of the plant including the year the plant was first received, the occasion, and the person who received it!

The materials are from Michaels Craft store. 

Popsicle stick glued to a pre-shaped wood marquee and painted copper.

The inscription was printed on computer paper and Mod Podged over the marquee.


No one will ever forget the significance of your Legacy Plant when it comes with these details.

Take a look at more Legacy Plant packages and start passing on your treasured plants!


African Violet with photo and plant tag.

I displayed the plant with a cute "Pass it On" decorative piece I had made with birch tree slices and etched ink.


African-Violet-Plant-Tag-Legacy Plant-by-Shirley-Bovshow

Closeup of African Violet gift tag.



I love the textured photo frame that compliments the rugged container holding the Arrowhead or Nephtitis plant.



Closeup of the Legacy Plant custom tag.


Watch my gardening segment on Home and Family, titled, "Creating Legacy Plants for Generations to Come" as seen

For instructions on multiplying a geranium, read Propagating Geraniums by Taking Cuttings.

Subscribe to EdenMakers Blog for blog post updates.
I'll post an article on cloning your plants as seen on the show, shortly!



See you soon!


Instant Succulent Centerpiece Wreath For Holidays

Instant-Succulent-Centerpiece-wreath-designed by Jenny Peterson as seen on shirley Bovshow's Garden World Report Show

Who has time for "decking the halls" these days?

What if you could put together an "instant succulent centerpiece wreath" for the holidays in less than one minute?

My friend, Jenny Peterson, a talented garden designer and  co-author of the popular book, "Indoor Plant Decor" shares her design idea in this short, 50 second video clip!


The beauty of Jenny's wreath is that you can easily change out the plants throughout the year for different holidays and occasions.


Purchase fresh and healthy looking 4"-inch plants to swap out the succulents.

Garden centers usually have a variety of small-size perennials and houseplants that you can use.

Here are some ideas:

Christmas Plants

  • Azaleas
  • Hydrangeas
  • Cyclamen
  • Ivy
  • Mini Roses
  • Poinsettias
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Gardenias

While you are in a creative mood, you can also add details to this wreath like nuts, citrus fruits or pomogranites!


Indoor-Plant-Decor-Book-Cover by Jenny Peterson and Kylee Baumle

Check out Jenny's book, Indoor Plant Decor.

The co-author is another friend of mine, Kylee Baulee and this book is a hit!

How to Pronounce Poinsettia Correctly

Poinsettia Plants for Christmas and Holidays. Do you know how to pronounce Poinsettia correctly?

How do YOU pronounce "Poinsettia?"

Do you say "POIN-SETTA?"

How about "POIN-SETTIA," with emphasis on the long "i" at the end?


Watch Shirley Bovshow in this fast 20-second video,  "How to Pronounce Poinsettia Correctly" from her Garden World Report Show and see how well you did!


Watch Shirley on the Home & Family Show on the Hallmark Channel for weekly gardening segments!


“Home & Family” Show Season Two- Behind The Scenes!

Shirley, Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines with actress Deidre Hall of Days of Our Lives on the Home and Family Show

Appearing as a regular on the Home & Family show, which airs on the Hallmark channel is a full time job for me.

Many hours go into preparing a garden segment, but once I'm on the set, addrenaline takes over and there's more than enough energy to get the job done.

Take a look at some behind the scene photos of my recent appearances on the show which is now in it's second season.


By the way, it's a wonderful cast and we have a good time together.



One of the most colorful personalities on the show is Chef Favio Viviani of Firenze Osteria and Cafe Firenze in Studio City and Moorpark California.

You may know Favio from his appearance on season 5 of Bravo’s hit reality series Top Chef in 2008, earning the “Fan Favorite” title. 

Viviani returned to Bravo in 2010 to compete in their Top Chef All Stars edition and a spinoff culinary reality show, Life After Top Chef.



Co-Hosts, Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines are great friends off camera and get together often for family events.


jessie-jane-jim sears

If you're a parent who seeks out medical advice for your children, you've probably heard of Dr. Jim Sears.

Dr. Jim Sears is a pediatrician and co-host of the Emmy-nominated TV show "The Doctors."


Dr. Sears has co-authored several books that have become go-to guides for parents, including The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood, Father’s First Steps — 25 Things.

He's joined in this photo by up-and-coming-crafter and lifestyle expert, Jessie Jane of LilyShop.



Jill Simonian, (to my left) is a charismatic and talented entertainment reporter-turned-mommy blogger and consumer reporter.

She blogs at The Fab Mom and presents segments of interest to parents and women who are returning to work outside of the home.


To my right is New York Time's bestselling author, Sophie Uliano, healthy beauty advocate, and passionate environmentalist.

Check out Sophie's book and blog at  "Gorgeously Green."

Sophie shares the latest information on eco-friendly beauty products and solutions for organic living.



Daytime soap opera fans will recognize the tall, dark and handsome actor, Galen Gering of "Days of Our Lives" to my left.

Galen and his castmate Deidre Hall were on the Home & Family show to promote their new book, "Days of Our Lives Better Living: Cast Secrets for a Healthier Balanced Life."



I especially enjoyed meeting fellow gardener, Cindy Davison of the online shop, The Succulent Perch.

Cindy and her boyfriend, Kevin drove down from San Diego to Sudio City the night before taping so she could get up bright and alert and prepare for her first national television appearance!

Congratulations Cindy and kudos on your gorgeous pumpkin succulent planters that you presented to an enthusiastic crew.

The secret to Cindy's long lasting pumpkin planter is that she glues moss and succulent cuttings directly to the top of a Cinderella pumpkin….

..No cutting!

Once you cut a pumpkin, it begins to degrade and rots within a week or two.

Cindy says that her pumpkin planters can last up to six months, so it sounds like solid advice.


Shirley, Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines with actress Deidre Hall of Days of Our Lives on the Home and Family Show

"Days of Our Lives" leading lady Deidre Hall joined Galen Gering to talk about their new book and stuck around for a number of segments including the highlight of my day- the carmel apple making segment!

I can't believe that I made my first caramel apple EVER on television!


Cristina Ferrare wrote a blog post that includes information about the "out-of-this-world" caramel she used on the show.

MMMM…mmm good.



It was a pleasure to meet the handsome, Dr. Courtney Campbell, a fun-loving veterinarian with a great TV presentation style!

Dr. Campbell's segment on how to do a mini physical on your dog at home was filled with useful information.

It's a good feeling to be equipped with basic knowledge about caring for my dogs.

I won't worry anymore when my dog's nose is dry.


Follow The Experts From "Home & Family" Show on Twitter!

Here's a few of the experts I've worked with recently on the show and their Twitter handles.


Christina Ferrare @CristinaCooks

Mark Steines @MarkSteines

Sophie Uliano @SophieUliano

Jessie Jane @JessieDIY

Tanya Memme @Tanya_Memme

Kym Douglas @KymDouglas

Jill Simonian @JillSimonian

Ken Wingard @KennethWingard

Fabio Viviani @FabioViviani

Shirley Bovshow @EdenMaker

There are others and I'll post their information along with photos from future segments!


Video Tour of The “Home & Family” Show House Taped at Universal Studios!

Home and Family Show website on the Hallmark Channel


I'm honored to be the resident garden designer and "family member" for the Emmy-nominated show, "Home & Family" airing on the Hallmark channel, Monday through Friday at 10 AM PST.

The live, two-hour show is led by Mark Steines, (E Entertainment) and Cristina Ferrare, (super model, celebrated cook, author and TV host).


cast of home & family show with Mark Steines, host, Shirley Bovshow, Jill Simonian, Sophie Uliano and Sandie Newton


What makes this show unique is that it is taped in a REAL house that was built specifically for this home and family entertainment/how-to magazine show at Universal Studios in Hollywood, Ca.

Just as every home as multiple rooms and family members living in the house, so does the show.


Shirley Bovshow, garden designer with Cristina Ferrare for the Home & Family Show

On any given day, there are segments presented by the resident, expert family members for cooking, crafts, DIY, gardening, (me!), beauty, health, mommy, parenting, and more!

You can expect a celebrity guest or two to drop in every day so you can keep up with popular culture.


If you are looking for a home and garden TV talk show,  check out the Home & Family show on Hallmark channel, and record it so you can enjoy it during your time of rest without interruptions! 

There is no show like it.


I'll see you at the HOUSE!