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How Plants Are Bred to Become Proven Winner Plants Video



 How plants are bred to become "Proven Winner" plants is a fascinating process that I documented on video for my Garden World Report Show.
Did you know that plant propagation requires exteme sanitary measures? Watch the video with Shirley Bovshow and Chris Berg.
I was invited to tour one of the growing facilities for Proven Winners plants, in Bonsall, California at EuroAmerican Propagators to learn how their plants are developed.
It all begins with research and development and testing…lots of testing.

Plant Trials and Developing Plants With "Superior" Traits

Every plant that is introduced by this company undergoes a STRENUOUS trial period where the plants are planted in the ground, in containers, in hanging baskets, you name it.
Although these plants are well cared for, they aren't "babied" during testing in order to assess their "survivor" potential under average garden care.
When a plant is finally selected for development, great care is taken in growing the "mother plant", (original plant where cuttings are taken from) where it lives in a disease-free, sanitary environment.
A trial plant undergoes  many years of testing and once selected for development, thousands of dollars are invested to produce and market the plant to both the trade industry and the home gardener.
This may shed some light as to why branded plants are usually more expensive than non-branded ones.
Proven Winners selects a handful of plants every year from a pool of thousands of hopefuls!

Watch "How Plants are Bred to Become Proven Winners Plants" with Shirley Bovshow and Chris Berg.


Plant trials are a combination beauty pageant/Olympic games where only the most beautiful and most vigorous plants make the cut for development.

Coleus growing in flats in the greenhouse are strengthening their roots system so that they can be shipped out.
Common plants such as alyssum, cleome, lantana, petunias as well as lesser known but notable plants are scrutinized for improved performance and beauty.
The results are "designer" versions of popular plants that come with a stamp of approval by the plant breeder.
Once selected as a "Proven Winner" plant, the plants are given memorable names such as 'Snow Princess,' (alyssum), 'Señorita Rosalita,' (a thornless cleome) and 'Supertunia Vista Bubblegum,' among the select.
Proven Winners_Mixed_Planter_Arrangement
Container with mixed Proven Winners plants





Some of the improved traits include, longer bloom times, improved disease resistance, lower watering needs, less maintenance and of course, designer colors and patterns!

Gardeners who like to grow plants from seed will not be able to duplicate these plants as they are grown from cuttings and in some cases, they do not re-seed, by design.
Common alyssum has re-seeded in parkway
In the case of the rampantly-self-seeding alyssum, Proven Winners has developed an improved alyssum,'Snow Princess.'
'Snow Princess' promises a long blooming season, neat habit and that it won't end up in your neighbors garden! 
Watch the video to see what   Proven Winners  does to improve plants and follow the step by step process from "research and development" to when plants are shipped in preparation for their final destination- garden centers!

I hope you find it to be informative and entertaining.


Next time you see a branded plant  at the garden center, you'll understand what makes this plant different from plants with "no name" distinction!





Yes, they cost a few more dollars but they also promise gardeners a lot more.

What has your experience been with branded plants?


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Holiday Design Inspiration: Garden Center Tour

Holiday Inspiration from Garden Centers on Garden World Report Show

Enjoy my special “Holiday Design Inspiration: Garden Center Tour” video presented by Garden World Report!




Brenda Haas of The Garden Chat and BG Garden  takes us on a photo tour of seven garden centers in the Midwest that are decorated luxuriously for the holidays.

Christina Salwitz, The Personal Garden Coach presents some of her holiday container garden ideas.

Suzi McCoy, trend spotter for Garden Media Group talks about edible garden trends.

Gieo Pensenauelt of the New American Landscape Channel tours a garden center in Colorado with custom colored Christmas trees and Poinsettias.

John of Bob’s Market and Greenhouse shows us how to care for Poinsettias. Did you know that they are tropical plants?

I share the garden news and more!


Merry Christmas friends!

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2010

Image of crowd at San Francisco Flower and Garden Show by Shirley Bovshow

Image of crowd at San Francisco Flower and Garden Show by Shirley Bovshow



The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show will open next week on  Wednesday, March 23 and run through Sunday, March 27, 2011 in San Mateo, California.

Seminars, display gardens, new plant introductions, foodie-gardening, garden film premiere, children’s activities.

Gardeners will be in heaven!

I’ll be there.


Visit the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show website for more information.



Enjoy the video  highlights of the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2010 that we taped for my Garden World Report Show last year.

Garden World Report Show highlights San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2010. Award winning display gardens: A “Succulent Cube,” Sunset Magazine “Outdoor Living” award garden, and a “Recycled Garden.” Host Shirley Bovshow

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show Reporters

Shirley Bovshow and the new garden media at San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

I'm attending the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show (March 23- March 27, 2011) and looking forward to seeing

the gorgeous display gardens and my fellow garden writers and bloggers there.

My friends will be taking photos, video taping, recording podcasts, Twittering, posting Facebook updates and blogging about the show!


New Garden Media at Work

There is a new league of garden communicators who use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to post gardening information in addition to their blogs.

The new garden media troop is comprised of professional garden designers, writers, bloggers, presenters, pod casters and everyday garden enthusiasts.

Everyone has a different personality, expertise and style of writing, bringing a wide diversity of voice to the coverage.


New garden media is filling the void left by lack of garden television shows, dwindling garden magazines and newspaper garden columns.

As a result, this inspired group of passion-driven "citizen reporters" and  traditional garden writers are taking action!


Shirley Bovshow and the new garden media at San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

Top (L-R) Shirley with top garden bloggers and writers: Jenny Peterson, Stephanie Martin, Billy Goodnick, Theresa Loe, Jayme Jenkins, Katie Elzer Peters, Bottom (L-R) Christina Salwitz, Rebecca Sweet and Angela Davis


So if you are not attending the show, take advantage of the plethora of information available to you from the show's Facebook page, garden blogs, and my show, "Garden World Report!"

It's the next best thing to being there!



Watch highlights from the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, 2010


christina salwitz reporting for the Garden World Report

Christina Salwitz, a landscape designer and Personal Garden Coach, reporting for  my show, The Garden World Report about new plant introductions.


Shirley interviews Jere Gettle owner of Baker Heirloom Seeds!



Shirley interviewing Julie Chai, Associate Garden Editor for Sunset Magazine







"Behind the scenes" video at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show press room where your "garden inspiration" magazine articles, blog posts, videos and stories are being hatched up.

The bottom line for me is that I'm incredibly happy to be a part of the vanguard of new garden media and mixing it up with other like minded people.

After all, don't you want to get your garden news and inspiration from people who love to garden just as much as you do?



“Plants, Plants, Plants!”

Shirley Bovshow at Burpee Home Gardens


Featured on the Garden World Report Show

The latest "Garden World Report" show  is all about plants and  the good things that people are doing with them to enhance our communities and the lives of others.

It is our most ambitious Garden World Report show to date and includes reports from Denmark, Australia and the USA!



New in Plant Varieties!


Go behind the scenes to the annual "Spring Trials" tour, a garden industry event for "pros only" and preview the latest plant introductions from major plant brands.

See what new annual plant varieties are available through Burpee Home GardensWave Petunias and Simply Beautiful.





Burpee Home Gardens display Wave Petunias



Simply Beautiful Plants



How to Select Wave Petunias for Your Garden

Are you a "raving fan" of Wave Petunias?

I'll show you how to select the perfect one for your garden!

Not all petunias are alike, you know.



The High-Tech Gardener

Also on the show, Hort Couture, a forward thinking plant brand, presents the  "virtual plant tag."


The new virtual plant tag by Hort Couture involves downloading a bar code reader app to your smart phone that directs you to a web page full of information.

Never lose your plant tag in the garden again!




Shirley and Jessie, of Burpee Home Gardens peruse Burpee's new line of ready-to-plant vegetables!


The Gardening News!


Catch up with the latest gardening news and find out what Paul James, the "Gardener Guy" from HGTV is doing with  famous singer- turned-urban farm director, Taja Sevelle in the garden!



Triscuit and Fiji Water are two major brands that are involved with improving communities through gardening.

Find out how.



Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa showed up to help plant trees at a local high school and deliver a special message to the community.




Learn To Speak Botanical Latin!

Nicholas Staddon of Monrovia Growers teaches us how to pronounce botanical plant names in our exclusive series, "Say it in Botanical Latin!"



Tour a Garden Center in Australia!

Welcome internationally-known garden retail guru, John Stanley as a "Professional Contributor" to the Garden World Report Show.



John will be taking us all over the world to destination garden centers that offer inspiration and education for the gardener.

On today's show, John will showcase gorgeous Australian plants from Zanthorrea Garden Center and explain how to get the most out of your local garden center.



Award-winning, Zanthorrea Garden Center in Western Australia



Plants from Denmark


Last, but not least, Kristian Madsen of FairyTale Flowers in Denmark demonstrates how they test their plants before shipping throughout Europe.

You have to see it to believe it!


I hope you enjoyed the "Plants, Plants, Plants" segment of the Garden World Report show!
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See you there!

“Growing a Greener World” on PBS!

It’s exciting to hear that garden television shows are still being produced these days!

With the lack of shows on the television lineups you would think no one was interested in gardening.

How wrong!

My friend, Joe Lamp’l, also known as “Joe Gardener” is launching his first show as “Executive Producer” today!

About “Growing a Greener World”

Growing a Greener World” is a show that not only focuses on gardening but on sustainable living. Joe, along with co-host, Patti Moreno, the “Garden Girl ,” on the web, travel around the country uncovering interesting stories about the people and events that are impacting our world in a positive way.

They are joined by popular chef, Nathan Lyon who will do a “cooking from the garden ” segment each week. I look forward to his recipes!

Hey Nathan, do you have a recipe for my favorite vegetable, chayote?

Watch  gardenworldreport at

I invite you to help support garden television shows by watching Growing a Greener World on PBS and requesting that it be carried by your local public television station if it is not already on their lineup!

I want to hear from you. Let me know how you like the show!


Garden Show Extravaganza!

san francisco flower and garden show award winning display garden

The latest "Garden World Report Show" is a fun, garden-design extravaganza with highlights from the  San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2010!



Are you ready for some fresh and innovative ideas for your garden this spring?

In addition to "team coverage" of the SF Flower and Garden Show, Garden World Report presents the latest gardening news from the web and on television.


On the Garden Web

Garden writer and blogger, Colleen Vanderlinden is hosting another round of "Mouse and Trowel" awards to recognize excellence in garden blogging.

Various categories are available for nominations including, "Best Writing," "Best Photography," and "Garden Blog of the Year."

What blogs will you nominate?

Nominations are open until midnight, April 30 at

Don't delay, get over there and vote!


Garden TV News

Garden TV fans, your prayers have been answered. Starting May 15, a new garden show is premiering on PBS, titled,  "Growing a Greener World."

Joe Lamp'l, Executive Produer and Host           Theresa Loe, Producer, "Growing a Greener World"

Executive producer and host Joe Lamp'l is joined by the web's "Garden Girl," , Patti Moreno and Chef  Nathan Lyon as they explore green gardening and sustainable living around the country.


On With The Show!

Here is the breakdown of the show and some of our super star guests and contributors!


Garden Show Extravaganza!

Tour a "succulent pavillion" at the San Francisco Flower and Garden show with garden author Debra Lee Baldwin of "Succulent Container Gardens."


Debra Lee Baldwin is an award-winning writer, photographer, editor and artist. Visit her websites at and


Landscape designer, Mary Te Selle's award winning garden, "Twice Upon a Treehouse" is featured on the Garden World Report show.



I was inspired so much by Te Selle's garden that I created my own original "muffin pan planter" for succulents.

I was in the "repurpose mood!"


Te Selle's garden is made from many recycled and repurposed materials including the focal point tree house constructed of driftwood, used wood, pylons and old metal.


A pond with edible and water plants is also included.


This garden, designed by Andrea Hurd of Mariposa Gardening was awarded by Sunset Magazine the "Western Living Award."


The entertainer's paradise is complete with edible garden, raised deck patio, gray water filtration system and wetland garden.

Gorgeous and functional!


Learn Botanical Plant Names!

Nicholas Staddon of Monrovia growers is back for another segment of "Say it in Botanical Latin," a series that teaches you how to pronounce botanical plant names.

This week: Clivia miniata and some trivia too!


Bonsai Appreciation 101

I'm fascinated with Bonsai, the ancient Japanese art of pruning dwarf plants ornamentally in shallow containers.

I interviewed, Bonsai expert, Jay McDonald at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

We talked about the "proper way to view bonsai," basic bonsai care and the five most common bonsai styles.



Famous Garden Magazine Writers

Julie Chai of Sunset Magazine

You may recognize the names, Julie Chai, Associate Garden Editor for Sunset Magazine and Mary Kate Mackey, one of America's most prolific garden writers, but may not have  seen them on video before.


Meet Chai and Mackey on the Garden World Report and see what they are working on for their readers.


Garden Authority TV Series

Watch award winning author and illustrator, Sharon Lovejoy of "Trowel and Error" on her debut on "Garden Authority TV."


Garden Authority TV is an exciting new series that presents gardening tips from the world's most famous garden authors.

This week Lovejoy discusses organic pest control for earwigs!



Team Coverage of San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

Billy Goodnick of Fine Gardening magazine's "Cool Green Gardens" blog.


Join popular garden bloggers Billy Goodnick and Christina Salwitz as they share their favorite "take aways" from the show.


Christina Salwitz is the Personal Garden Coach!


Goodnick discusses garden design principals and Salwitz reports on discovering new "hot plants" at garden shows!


Show Gardens: Design Details and Costs!

Last but not least, I show you some of the unique garden design features of the display gardens and reveal how much some of them cost!


Please watch the show at the GardenWorld Report website or here, on EdenMakers Blog.


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Happy Gardening!