Shirley Bovshow Garden Advice on!

Shirley Bovshow Garden Advice on!

by / 6 Comments / 116 View / August 14, 2009 is a Web site for women  run and written by  a list of “who’s who”  in journalism and media, including Liz Smith, Joni Evans, Mary Wells and Lesley Stahl.

Aimed at women over 40, (I barely qualified), wowOwow features articles of interest to the “well educated and sophisticated woman reader.”

News, culture, politics, entertainment, style, opinion and gardening!

They really have a winning formula.

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You can imagine how excited I was  when I was asked to contribute some gardening advice on a special post for  wowOwow titled, “ Gardening Bloggers on Wow.”

Shirley Baker Heirloom Seeds

“Eden MakerShirley Bovshow dishes gardening tips at wowOwow!

I was one of seven, “renowned gardening bloggers  who answered  wowOwow’s most digging questions.”

1. What’s your No. 1 gardening tip?

2. What is the biggest mistake gardeners make (that they don’t know they’re making)?

3. What are recession-friendly ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal?

4. What are your seasonal tips for summer, fall, winter and spring?

5. What is the best way to have a healthy “green” garden?

6. What are some fool-proof flora you can grow — even without a green thumb or time?

7. Does organic gardening have to be expensive?

Who were the other six gardening experts that were polled?

Some of my favorite gardening bloggers!

Susan Harris representing the Washington DC area , blogging at GardenRant and Sustainable Gardening and many other informative sites

Pam Penick, the popular and talented garden designer and blogger  from Texas who blogs at  Digging

Patricia Blais of from Birmingham, Alabama

Cynthia Thompson from the Pacific Northwest and blogger at Brambleberries in the Rain

Jennifer L.Scott who is new to the garden blogging world, but not to gardening, blogs at Gardening With Miss Daisy.

Jessica Harwood, a biology professor and avid gardener from South Carolina who blogs at thegardenblog/blogspot

shirley's flowers

Let’s support wowOwow for including gardening in their roster of important and worthwhile topics and for understanding that useful gardening advice is regional.

Visit wowOwow’s Home & Gardening forum and let them know how much you enjoyed hearing from your gardening bloggers!

6 Comment

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog; it was a great experience to be featured on I’ve enjoying seeing your work on HGTV, by the way!

  2. Hi Miss Daisy. Welcome to EdenMakers! Yes, it was a great opportunity to highlight gardening in a mainstream news site. we need more of that!

  3. Thanks Anna. You are always very supportive. I love the look of your blog these days…you are always on the cutting edge.

  4. Not suprising that the list of gardeners who contributed includes you! I was just at last night for the first time. Very entertaining. I sneeked in with the just over 50 gang 😉 I had to read all about one’s love life. Make sure I’m doing it right and all. Hey–thanks for the #FF!

  5. […] here:  Shirley Bovshow Garden Advice on! — Eden Makers Blog The Definitive Guide To […]

  6. It was a treat to be featured along with you and other awesome and inspiring gardeners. I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog and website! It’s enjoyable to get to know others in the gardening world and glean from you a taste of knowledge and insight. Thanks for the link!

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