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Bargain Plant of the Week: Boston Fern

by / 3 Comments / 40 View / October 22, 2009

I have to share my latest plant score!


I was shopping at a Ralphs Super Market in Southern California and came across a lush display of over-sized Boston Ferns.

I couldn’t believe the price tag when I read it: $9.99

Ten dollars for this massive display of greenery?


I asked the greenhouse manager at this particular Ralphs and she said that the fern grower was “blowing them out” because they grew more than the could sell.

She also offered this tidbit of advice:

Look for the “bargain corners” in your supermarkets after a major holiday.

You will find “holiday plants” discounted anywhere from 15 to 25% the next day!

If the clearance supply does not move, plants are reduced to up to 50 or 75% off until they sell.



(This is not the case in every market but it is worth a look!).

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  1. That’s an amazing looking fern, I found a good range at

  2. Hey Shirley,

    That looks like a fantastic fern! I have some ferns that are growing crazy in my flower pot that I need to get under control But that’s a fabulous find.

  3. Especially nice at Christmas, because you can decorate for the New Year’s parties and late December parties with lots of cheap poinsettias and Stone pines.

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