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Garden Show Extravaganza!

by / 6 Comments / 185 View / April 26, 2010

The latest "Garden World Report Show" is a fun, garden-design extravaganza with highlights from the  San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2010!



Are you ready for some fresh and innovative ideas for your garden this spring?

In addition to "team coverage" of the SF Flower and Garden Show, Garden World Report presents the latest gardening news from the web and on television.


On the Garden Web

Garden writer and blogger, Colleen Vanderlinden is hosting another round of "Mouse and Trowel" awards to recognize excellence in garden blogging.

Various categories are available for nominations including, "Best Writing," "Best Photography," and "Garden Blog of the Year."

What blogs will you nominate?

Nominations are open until midnight, April 30 at

Don't delay, get over there and vote!


Garden TV News

Garden TV fans, your prayers have been answered. Starting May 15, a new garden show is premiering on PBS, titled,  "Growing a Greener World."

Joe Lamp'l, Executive Produer and Host           Theresa Loe, Producer, "Growing a Greener World"

Executive producer and host Joe Lamp'l is joined by the web's "Garden Girl," , Patti Moreno and Chef  Nathan Lyon as they explore green gardening and sustainable living around the country.


On With The Show!

Here is the breakdown of the show and some of our super star guests and contributors!


Garden Show Extravaganza!

Tour a "succulent pavillion" at the San Francisco Flower and Garden show with garden author Debra Lee Baldwin of "Succulent Container Gardens."


Debra Lee Baldwin is an award-winning writer, photographer, editor and artist. Visit her websites at and


Landscape designer, Mary Te Selle's award winning garden, "Twice Upon a Treehouse" is featured on the Garden World Report show.



I was inspired so much by Te Selle's garden that I created my own original "muffin pan planter" for succulents.

I was in the "repurpose mood!"


Te Selle's garden is made from many recycled and repurposed materials including the focal point tree house constructed of driftwood, used wood, pylons and old metal.


A pond with edible and water plants is also included.


This garden, designed by Andrea Hurd of Mariposa Gardening was awarded by Sunset Magazine the "Western Living Award."


The entertainer's paradise is complete with edible garden, raised deck patio, gray water filtration system and wetland garden.

Gorgeous and functional!


Learn Botanical Plant Names!

Nicholas Staddon of Monrovia growers is back for another segment of "Say it in Botanical Latin," a series that teaches you how to pronounce botanical plant names.

This week: Clivia miniata and some trivia too!


Bonsai Appreciation 101

I'm fascinated with Bonsai, the ancient Japanese art of pruning dwarf plants ornamentally in shallow containers.

I interviewed, Bonsai expert, Jay McDonald at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

We talked about the "proper way to view bonsai," basic bonsai care and the five most common bonsai styles.



Famous Garden Magazine Writers

Julie Chai of Sunset Magazine

You may recognize the names, Julie Chai, Associate Garden Editor for Sunset Magazine and Mary Kate Mackey, one of America's most prolific garden writers, but may not have  seen them on video before.


Meet Chai and Mackey on the Garden World Report and see what they are working on for their readers.


Garden Authority TV Series

Watch award winning author and illustrator, Sharon Lovejoy of "Trowel and Error" on her debut on "Garden Authority TV."


Garden Authority TV is an exciting new series that presents gardening tips from the world's most famous garden authors.

This week Lovejoy discusses organic pest control for earwigs!



Team Coverage of San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

Billy Goodnick of Fine Gardening magazine's "Cool Green Gardens" blog.


Join popular garden bloggers Billy Goodnick and Christina Salwitz as they share their favorite "take aways" from the show.


Christina Salwitz is the Personal Garden Coach!


Goodnick discusses garden design principals and Salwitz reports on discovering new "hot plants" at garden shows!


Show Gardens: Design Details and Costs!

Last but not least, I show you some of the unique garden design features of the display gardens and reveal how much some of them cost!


Please watch the show at the GardenWorld Report website or here, on EdenMakers Blog.


Please leave a comment.

Happy Gardening!


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  1. […] also include some "optional design features" that are nice to have if you have want to spend a little more […]

  2. Hi. I just thought I’d share these fascinating gardening posts from written by Vincent Ross about Bum-young Sung, the humble and brilliant creator of Bunjae Artpia, known as the world’s most beautiful garden.
    Soul in the Soil: The Most Beautiful Garden in the World – Part 1 and How to Appreciate Bunjae (Bonsai) – Part 2
    Given Eden Makers love of gardens I thought you might like these and with all the Korean issues in the news it seems important to remember who lives on that Peninsula.

  3. My pleasure Matthew. Thanks for watching!

  4. Really worth full…Thanks for informing us…

  5. I am definitely sorry I did not attend this year’s show, however I’ll make it a point to try and get there next year.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this peek into the SFFS. I presented there years ago when it was in the Cow Palace. Loved seeing what’s new. Thanks again.

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