“Growing a Greener World” on PBS!

“Growing a Greener World” on PBS!

by / 5 Comments / 250 View / May 15, 2010

It’s exciting to hear that garden television shows are still being produced these days!

With the lack of shows on the television lineups you would think no one was interested in gardening.

How wrong!

My friend, Joe Lamp’l, also known as “Joe Gardener” is launching his first show as “Executive Producer” today!

About “Growing a Greener World”

Growing a Greener World” is a show that not only focuses on gardening but on sustainable living. Joe, along with co-host, Patti Moreno, the “Garden Girl ,” on the web, travel around the country uncovering interesting stories about the people and events that are impacting our world in a positive way.

They are joined by popular chef, Nathan Lyon who will do a “cooking from the garden ” segment each week. I look forward to his recipes!

Hey Nathan, do you have a recipe for my favorite vegetable, chayote?

Watch  gardenworldreport at GardenWorldReport.com

I invite you to help support garden television shows by watching Growing a Greener World on PBS and requesting that it be carried by your local public television station if it is not already on their lineup!

I want to hear from you. Let me know how you like the show!


5 Comment

  1.  I like this show…its up to date withe allot of great gardening ideas/tips. Chef Nathan gives me the

    creeps though.



  2. It just debuted on PBS (check your listing) on Sat. May 15. You can also watch the show on their website.

  3. Sounds like it will be a fantastic show. When is first showing?

  4. Hey Joe,
    I don’t know where I get the energy either but I promise to keep using it to forward our industry as long as I have it.

    Can’t wait to see clips on your site, Facebook and Hulu cause the show is not playing in my local area.

  5. Thanks so much Shirley for your continued support. I don’t know where you find the energy to do all you do but wow, I’m sure glad you had some in reserve to help us get the word out. You are a true superstar and we’re glad to have you as our friend and colleague in the trenches.

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