Gardening and Eating: Two of Life’s Greatest Diversions!

Persian cucumbers, green onions and beets from Shirley Bovshow’s garden.

I’m not growing my own vegetables to save money, (though its a nice benefit). I’m not growing my own vegetables because I fear the quality of food available in the supermarket is substandard, ( though I realize not all of it is up to my healthful standards). I’m not growing my own vegetables to mitigate the impact of irresponsible agricultural practices on the land, ( though I am mindful of it and do my best to be a good steward of nature). I’m gardening and growing my own vegetables, fruits and herbs because it brings an order, purpose and joyful meaning to my life! Did I mention it was fun too?

Gardening and growing food for my family gives me something to do when I’m not occupied with personal and professional commitments. Gardening is my diversion of choice because it slows me down and engages my body, mind and spirit as I partner with nature to create beauty and fresh food. Just passing my vegetable garden and taking a whiff of the onions, curry, tomatoes, basil and cilantro fills my mind with all kinds of experimental recipe combinations. Cooking is even more enjoyable when I have a harvest-full of ingredients at my fingertips to choose from.

I created my  garden as an eaters paradise. Besides the dedicated raised kitchen garden, my whole yard is an edible landscape! Tucked into garden beds are potted fruit trees, edible hedges, delicious focal points and garden art.

I recognize that gardening and growing one’s own food can be an environmentally responsible lifestyle that people choose in order to counteract rampant consumerism. I admire these people. I’m not sure I would derive as much pleasure from gardening and growing my own food though if I had to do it out of economic necessity or to make a political point. I want my garden to be pure and simple, a sanctuary for my family and all who gather under the shade of my pepper tree to commune with nature and enjoy its delicious bounty.

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