Thanksgiving “Turkey Centerpiece” Made with Gourd and Flowers!

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Take a look at this out of the box, Thanksgiving “Turkey Centerpiece” that Annie made with a large gourd and flowers


Annie_of_Fearless_Flowers creates a Thanksgiving table centerpiece using gourds and flowers


I want to introduce you to one of the most creative floral designers on my radar.

Her name is Annie  Vanderwarker, a Virginia artist and arranger.

Annie has a website  called  “Fearless Flowers” with  videos featuring arrangements that highlight available flowers, various seasons, and current holidays.


Take a look at this out of the box Thanksgiving “Turkey Centerpiece” that Annie made with a large gourd and flowers!


With the change of seasons upon us, Annie has a wealth of arrangement ideas for Autumn and Winter, showcasing the new colors and textures.

Fall brings with it beautifully colored leaves, seed heads and dry tall grasses, allowing for a range of creative possibilities that extend into the holiday season as well.


Annie’s website, Fearless Flowers features DIY instructional flower arranging videos in which Annie helps everyone from newbies to the fearless transform grocery store bouquets into stunning at-home arrangements.

Webisodes cater to men and women, hobbyists and special event planners, and everyone in between.

The site offers resources, all of which prove how fun, easy and economical it is to transform store-bought flowers (or ones picked from the garden) into stunning arrangements for all seasons.


Fellow Eden makers, let’s welcome Annie to the fold!

She is the ultimate “Eden maker!




Here’s another inexpensive (free!) Thanksgiving centerpiece idea using cuttings and leaves from your garden that I created for my client.

“Luscious Thanksgiving Decor From Your Garden!”



Happy Thanksgiving friends.


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  1. Thanks for sharing beautiful video and photo..

  2. flowergardengirl @greensoil @sharonLovejoy @ShawnaCoronado What do u think about this “Turkey” centerpiece?

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