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Learn to Garden With Shirley Bovshow: “Way to Grow” Series

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It's time to learn to garden and stop watching from the sidelines!

Go ahead get your hands dirty and feet wet with my new video series, "Way to Grow!"


"Way to Grow" is a beginner gardening video series that airs on the Youtube, "Digs" channel and is produced by a company named Meredith.

Perhaps you're familiar with their uber-popular  magazine, "Better Homes and Gardens?!!"

Gardens-of-the-rich-and-famous-cast-shirley-bovshow, ariana siegel, emma tattenbaum-fine for digs channel on youtube



I was also the garden expert for season one show on Digs channel, "Gardens of the Rich and Famous."

We changed the name and focus of the garden show for season two with more of an emphasis on gardening "how-to" videos.


New videos are posted every Friday and stars comedians, Ariana Siegel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, two young women from New York, and myself.

These funny gals add a spark of entertainment to the series as my "clueless" gardening students!

If I can teach them to garden, you have no excuses!




New Gardeners: Learn to garden with Shirley on "WAY TO GROW" video series. Fun gardening school!


"Way to Grow" tackles  basic gardening topics including plant types, essential tools, soil basics, pest management, growing food, and creative projects from the garden using re-purposed materials.

My hope is that if you enjoy the videos, you'll embed them in your blogs and websites and share them with your gardening friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Have at it!


"Taking Care of New Plant-Baby on Way to Grow"



Enjoy the "Way to Grow" trailer video.

Video Description:

Ari and Emma are raising a little plant-baby together! Cuuute! Shirley will be back for Season 2 of Way to Grow, beginning September 14th.

Stay tuned for new videos every Friday that teach the basics of gardening and keep you up to speed on all the smartest gardening trends.

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Yes, we are sillybut I bet it will help you remember some important gardening information!


"Way to Grow"  Video Segment Calendar

Friday     9/7/ 12                 Series Trailer- "Taking Care of Your New Plant-Baby on Way to Grow!"
Friday     9/14/12                "Cocktail Gardening: Grow Mint, Basil and Cilantro!"
Friday    9/21/12                 "Harvesting Artichokes Before They Flower- Garden Tip of the Day!"

Friday    9/28/12                  Top 5 Garden Tools/ Plant Basics for New Gardeners     


Friday    10/5/12                 Feeding Your Garden Soil: How to Read A Fertilizer Label             


Friday    10/12/ 12              How to Start Seeds: Gardening Tips        


Friday    10/19/1                 Garden Bugs: Good Bug vs. Bad Bug       


Friday    10/26/12               Scary Plants! (Halloween video)               


Friday    11/2/1                   Vertical Herb Garden: Build a Living Spice Rack with Repurposed Tomato Cages               


Friday    11/9/12                How to Build a Garden Terrarium: Materials, Plants, Decor          


Friday    11/16/12               Abundant Plants – Top 5 Plants That Give the Most         


Friday    11/23/12              How to Tell if Your Garden Plant is Dead: Common Plant Misdiagnosis     


Friday    11/30/12              Garden Plants with Benefits: Interesting Plant Facts       


Friday    12/7/2012             How to Make a Miniature and Fairy Garden: Container Garden Design Ideas     


Friday    12/14/2012           Make a Living, Succulent Tapestry Pillow by Shirley Bovshow: Garden Craft     


Friday    12/21/2012            Five Easy Dwarf Fruit Trees to Grow in Containers: Small Space Gardens              


Friday    12/28/2012            How to Shop at a Garden Center for New Gardeners      



I'll be posting new videos from "Way to Grow" here, so subscribe to my blog, EdenMakers AND, subscribe to the Digs Channel on Youtube!


Happy Gardening.




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