Worm Composting with Shirley Bovshow on “Home & Family” Show

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Want to learn how to make a worm composting bin and start transforming your food scraps into nutritious garden compost?

Watch the "Home & Family Show" on Monday, November 12, 2012 between 9 AM and 11 AM PST on  the Hallmark channel.



I'm back as their on-camera landscape designer and gardening coach and will be demonstrating how to make a "starter" vermi composting system.

So, don't throw away your food scraps and coffee grounds!


In case you don't know what vermi composting is, it's the amazing process where worms and micro organisms transform food waste and organic matter such as newspapers, cardboard or straw into the most nutritious garden compost available!

All you have to do is  prepare a suitable living environment for them and they'll reward you with their castings- "worm poop!"


Get started worm composting this Fall so you'll be ready for the Spring- those worm castings are "gardener's gold!"



Detailed, Step By Step Instructions for Building a Red Worm Compost Bin!


Place Worm Compost Bin in Shaded Area

If you dropped in to Eden Makers via the Hallmark Channel Home and Family show "How To" page and want to see detailed information about building a vermi compost bin, read "How to Build a Red Worm Compost Bin: Vermi Composting."

The article has detailed photos and a video I made for my "Way to Grow" gardening series.

Please subscribe to the show and learn to garden.

New videos are posted weekly on Fridays on the "Digs" channel on Youtube.




Watch Shirley's step by step video on how to build a red worm composting bin!

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