Have You Tried the Back-Saving “Potlifter” in Your Garden?

Have You Tried the Back-Saving “Potlifter” in Your Garden?

by / 4 Comments / 118 View / October 6, 2008

Garden Center TV Post #4

Independent Garden Center Show 2008


Gardening can provide a great physical workout especially when you are involved in sustained gardening activity. I  even enjoy lifting heavy objects because I can skip my weight lifting routine at the gym and build muscle mass while outdoors! While these benefits are great, I’ve also been known to be a little over-zealous lifting the heavy stuff and have ended up with hernias and back aches.

While at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago recently, I came across a product that must have been made especially for me- the “Potlifter.” The Potlifter is a versatile lifting tool designed to help move heavy and awkward-to lift objects such as large flowerpots, landscaping stones, tree root balls, heavy soil, cement or mulch bags and much more. 

Designed to be used by two people, the Potlifter is an ergonomic lifting tool that uses a strap system that will help you lift up to 200 pounds and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Check out my video interview with the inventor of the Potlifter, Dan and watch us lift a heavy boulder together with ease!

The Potlifter is available at Independent Garden Centers throughout the United States and is affordable with prices averaging about $30.- this  is a lot cheaper than back surgery!

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4 Comment

  1. That pot lifer looks like a wonderful invention. I’ll have to look out for one or create one of my own.

  2. What a cool invention to assist those of us who try to do too much. I do too Shirley!, I lift more than I should. My husband fusses at me over it. Lots of folks around here have wood burning fireplaces. I see it carries logs easily and would be a time saver too. Some folks carry in arm fulls of small logs to stoke the fires. This way, they could save the back and time.

    I like the music for this video. It sounds very Northcarolinian which means….happy little tune down to earth and toe tapping. I was humming it long after the video stopped.

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Yes, Potlifters works well in the garden as well as other applications. Thanks for the visit.

  4. This looks like a wonderful device for those with heavy planters!

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