Paul James, HGTV’s “The Gardener Guy” New Website!

Paul James, HGTV’s “The Gardener Guy” New Website!

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Paul James, the funny, kind of goofy, (by design) garden personality behind the  hugely popular “Gardener Guy” show on HGTV, finally has a website of his own!

Fans who have followed Paul will be happy to hear that although HGTV doesn’t have plans to produce any new  “Gardener Guy” shows, they will continue to air his series indefinitely. Paul’s new website offers lots of informative articles including a “Q and A” section, a monthly “rant”tip of the week,” gardening forum, video and a blog that I hope he keeps updated!

Did you hear that Paul! We have missed your presence online long enough, now talk to us!

Many gardening bloggers participated in the “HGTV Protest,” (a grass roots effort to encourage HGTV to continue to air garden programs, including the “Gardener Guy), last April but now we can be pro-active and support Paul on his website.

Here is the loveable garden expert in a video welcoming us to his site, “The Gardener Guy”

Like what you see? Go give Paul a “virtual hello” and let him know Shirley sent you!

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  1. not sure if it is available other than rss

  2. Is it possible for visitors to subscribe your blog via different means beside using RSS? I can’t read it on any readers whil I can read it from chrome.

  3. Hi Paul,
    My now 10 year old son and I used to look forward to waking up on Sunday mornings to watch your show.  My son referred to you as the "The Funny Gardener".   We have really missed that time together and always looked forward to see what you were going to do to make us laugh.  I really found your show informative.  Thank you for sharing your fun approach to gardening with us!
    Keep on Gardening!
    Beth from NH 🙂


  4. Charleston is the greatest!

  5. your gardening tips are really easy to implement. thanks for that. hope I will have enough time to take care of my garden in the future.

  6. Dear Paul, Maybe we can get together here at Lendonwood and see that garden, then to elk ridge garden my private garden to overdose on plants. I have planted thousands during my bad habit of collecting. I was in stringer friday and didn’t pick up a thing, maybe my nerosis is gone. visit my web sites, then you can link to other public gardens that I have built. You would enjoy my conifer collection that are some of the best in the Midwest. Please call me at 1-918-791-1733 to find a time.

  7. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for dropping in to Eden Makers Blog! I think this is your first time? I admire your lasagna garden work and your books. I hope you will return and say “hi” to your “lasagna gardening fans” on my Garden World Report show!

  8. Missed you! Glad to see this wonderful site as you were always my favorite. Happy Gardening, Patricia

  9. Hi Shirley,
    I asked my group of gardeners and experts on Twitter to help me answer your question. sent me a “tweet” recommending the solution for elm beetle with this article.

    Let me know if it works for your friend.

  10. I have a friend that has Elm beetles in her elm trees. What is the best way to get ried of them, most natural uses, not hard chemicals

  11. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for visiting at EdenMakers! You can watch some of my garden design makeovers on the web on my YouTube page or just click the “EdenMaker TV” widget on the left hand column of my blog and it will take you to my videos. Great idea about the local garden center list- I will have to put that together!

  12. Love your shows ! Wish you lived close to Alabama so I could see the gardens you create. One thing I would like to see is links to local nurseries is each state and there varities. Keep digging, makes life interesting, what you will dig up.
    Thanks, Joyce

  13. Hi Paul, Thanks for visiting EdenMakers Blog and for commenting. Yes, Paul is a very funny gardener. Unfortunately, this is not his blog so he may not get your message. Make sure you leave one at his website at

    Thanks. Please drop in again.
    Shirley Bovshow

  14. Love your show Paul….Where do you get your sense of humor? It really shines through. From one gardener to another ….You make me think and laugh almost at the same time.

  15. OH, that is so wonderful. I’ll go visit. He needs to stop by here!

  16. good show …hope to see more

  17. well at least this may increase our number of contacts.seems that you remember most of what I taught you. GOOD PROGRAM

  18. I have a three-stage (hard plastic) composter. I use all the good stuff in it (no meat or dairy products) lots of leaves, veggy scraps, coffee grounds, small sticks, etc. However, when my compost gets to the final stage, IT IS BLACK, but is chucky and hard as nails. What am I doing wrong?

  19. Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for visiting EdenMakers. Is this your first visit? Since gardening expertise is really regional, I looked up a very qualified blogger in South Carolina. She will be able to direct you better than I can since it is bone dry in Los Angeles! I don’t “know from” humid.
    Check out her blog at

    Good luck. Let me know how your plant does.
    Shirley Bovshow

  20. Paul James (your Secret Admirer is calling)
    Where can I find SUMMER zones? I had a lovely fuchia in a pot.
    When summer came, mid-April, it started having stress. By May, it was dead! I misted, shaded, brought it in to A.C.- forget it! Mt. Pleasant (Charleston) S.C., is basically zone 8 1/2 (think
    Jacksonville, Fla). One July/August the low temperature for thirty-three days was 83 degrees F! Humidity so high that the trees dripped as if it had rained. Please say where to find this info.

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