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About the Garden World Report Show

Garden World Report is the first weekly online garden TV talk show, hosted by nationally recognized garden television host and designer, Shirley Bovshow.


Shirley Bovshow, Host of the Garden World Report Show

















Shirley adds a humorous and unexpected spin to the garden news, features, interviews and live garden events show.

Shirley  also writes, casts, produces, hosts and edits the series.


Garden World Report contributor, Brenda Haas of Ohio

















Garden expert correspondents participate by emailing their video reports to the GWReport show where the videos are  then edited and a show is produced around these segments.

The Garden World Report is a low to no “carbon mile” international show created by gardeners  for gardeners!


The Interesting Story Behind the Creation of the Garden World Report

I got tired of the lack of garden TV shows on television and decided to create my own talk show around this hugely popular but under-represented niche.

The idea for the show was incubated during my 7 hour plane ride to the annual Garden Writers Association Convention in late September 2009.



I set up a makeshift studio on the plane (my laptop) and planned a LIVE telecast from the Garden Writers Awards gala event scheduled for the following evening.

As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I got in touch with some of  the most popular garden television personalities, writers and bloggers who were attending the event and asked them to appear on my LIVE show 24 hours later.




This is the first video I created to promote the LIVE launch of the Garden World Report Show!

With my show guests confirmed, I spent the rest of the night planning and promoting the debut of the Garden World Report on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The next day, with less than 10 hours to Live launch, I spent the day video taping interviews and footage of the convention for use as “clips” on the show.



Garden World Report contributors Billy Goodnick and Jayme Jenkins Garden World Report host Shirley Bovshow and guest, Adriana Martinez of Anarchy GardenGuests Mark Highland, Patti Moreno, Billy Goodnick and Anna Lopper


I asked garden blogger, Billy Goodnick to co-host the show with me.

He was quick witted and helped move the show along.


Guests included garden television hosts Joe Lamp’l,  Melinda Myers, Allan Armitage, Erica Glasener, bloggers Susan Harris of the popular Garden Rant, Jean Ann VK, social media expert, award winning authors, Debra Prinzing and Linda Chalker-Scott–  the “who’s who” of the gardening world!




The LIVE Garden World Report show broadcast for 16 minutes and experienced some technical difficulties but Billy  and I forged ahead.

The next morning, I checked the website statistics and couldn’t believe the amount of people who had logged on to watch the show!

Over 10,000 viewer minutes were recorded during the first 12 hours that the show had been online!

All of these people had come from my modest Twitter and Facebook connections!


Back at home in Los Angeles, I began planning another show for the following weekend and have not stopped producing a show each week since then!


The audience continues to grow and has become a surprise hit with the online garden world!

Needless to say, I’m  tired but very happy!

The Garden World Report is the first (and only, at time of writing) online garden TV talk show dedicated to broadcasting  the garden news to garden lovers all over the world!



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