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Joe Lamp’l’s “$25 Dollar Victory Garden” Part 3


My friend, garden television host, Joe Lamp’l  just posted the next installment to his blossoming web series, “The $25 Dollar Victory Garden Challenge.” Joe has challenged himself to create an edible garden that will feed a family of four for under $25. dollars. Joe claims to have spent only $7 dollars so far.  I spent that much this morning on coffee and a bagel!

In this segment, Joe is ready to take his seedlings and transplant them outdoors. The challenge is, Joe’s site needs some clearing in order to create the garden beds and the mautre nandina plants are not leaving the yard without a fight!

Once extracted from the ground, green guru Joe isn’t content with just “throwing away” a perfectly good plant, Joe puts a notice on and catches the attention of an interesting taker. You’ll have to watch the video to see who this person is and witness  “six degrees of separation,” play out in Joe’s garden!

The $25 Dollar Victory Garden By Joe Lamp’l

Joe Lamp’l is a gardening expert and  the host of the PBS show “Garden Smart” and the author of “The Green Gardener’s Guide” book. Joe is also very ambitious. Lately, Joe has been on a mission to prove to himself and the world that he can grow an edible garden that will feed a family of four on a $25 dollar budget!



Joe Lamp’l’s  “25 Dollar Victory Garden Challenge” part one

I have to admit, I have my doubts that anyone can stay within this small budget but Joe has amused me by his ingenuity and ability to move scores of gardening friends to share a few seeds and other gardening necessities. What I like about Joe’s approach is that he isn’t just waiting for a handout, Joe is repurposing items that end up in the trash as essential gardening materials.

Ordered pizza lately? Don’t throw away that box- Joe has an idea for you!

Joe has given me hope because his “tactics” are very user friendly. 



Joe Lamp’l also shares his gardening wisdom on his weekly podcast, “Growing a Greener World” that I enjoy listening to.

So, check out this “everyday Joe gardener”  as he plants an edible garden for his family on an impossible budget!

Joe Lamp’l’s “$25 Dollar Victory Garden Challenge: You’ve Got Mail” part two