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Create a “Garden Blog” for Your Green Thumb Valentine!

wood garden gate


Some “green thumbs” need a little help in the computer tech department!

Be a hero to your computer-challenged sweetheart this Valentines Day and surprise him or her with their own garden blog!  It’s free, very thoughtful and will outlast chocolates and a dozen roses by many years. I know a lot of garden enthusiasts who enjoy reading blogs and intend to start a blog of their own one-day but are intimidated or scared to take the first step. Give them a jump start!

Once the blog is set up with the basic navigation menu, spend an hour or so tutoring your sweetheart on how to post, add photos and get the most of their blogging experience. You can even refine the design together.  (Of course, this gift idea will only work for you if you are comfortable on the keyboard and are less intimidated by blogging programs than your Valentine).

There are many free blogging programs to choose from.  EdenMakers’ Blog is created with  WordPress and I’m happy with it.  All of my favorite blogs use different programs.  Garden Rant uses  Typepad , Garden Bliss uses Blogger ,  The Blogging Nurseryman uses Weblogs, so check them out and see what appeals to you.

Gardeners are  very giving people and love to share from their bounty and gardening knowledge with others. Give your gardening Valentine a blog of their own so they can share in the virtual world what they share with others in the “dirt world.”