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New Garden Products: Coverage of Independent Garden Center Show!

SnapNShapeTomato reviewed by Garden Center TV

I'm in Chicago for the Independent Garden Center Show (IGC Show) to cover and preview new garden products for my web series, "Garden Center TV."


Watch this short Garden Center TV highlight reel.


Don't tell me you never heard of my "Garden Center TV" series!

I think you may be interested in it after I tell what it's about.


Garden Center TV with Shirley & Garden Bloggers preview new garden products


I started the Garden Center TV web series three years ago and have released a few select videos to my  Youtube channel of the same name.


Recently, I've developed a partner website where gardening fanatics like you and me can upload and share photos and videos of garden products and plants that we have used and recommend..or don't recommend!


Garden Center TV website garden product previews

Screenshot of Garden Center TV community website.

I love it when people "tell it like it is!"


Back to the Independent Garden Center Show….

The "IGC Show," (as it is referred to by people who  shorten their phrases to save time), is among the top rated garden industry shows in the nation and is starting to enjoy more press coverage these days.

Once a year, local garden center owners trek to Chicago to attend this world class show to preview and purchase the latest gardening products and plants for their stores.



SnapNShapeTomato reviewed by Garden Center TV

A tomato shaper? Yes, I found this at the IGC Show last year.


With full video crew in tow, I tape segments of some of my favorite product finds, I interview garden product creators, ( usually a gardener with a great story to tell) and I get other garden bloggers and experts involved in the show!


The UCAN watering system on Garden Center TV

Have you heard of the UCAN watering can? It's beyond "normal."


On Garden Center TV, you will see Shawna Coronado of the Casual Gardener, Kylee Baumle of  Our Little Acre blog, Mary Ann Newcomer of "Gardens of the Wild West,"  Robin Horton of Urban Gardens Web, Jenny Peterson of J Peterson Garden Design plus garden guru, P Allen Smith and many others reviewing garden products!



Garden Center TV Product Review Experts and bloggers in Chicago for Independent Garden Center Show



We have a great time taping together and along with my other show, Garden World Report, it is one of the few times that you will see award winning garden bloggers and writers on screen together!


Look for upcoming articles about how to select plants & trees for purchase, gardening tools, fertilizers, soils and more.


If you are a Twitter user, please friend the show, @GardenCenterTV and follow my tweets this week from the IGC show.

There will be dozens of other garden media members Tweeting from the show for comprehensive IGC Show coverage!

I'll be using the hashtags #IGC11 and #GardenCenterTV and posting photos and videos.

You can also "Like" Garden Center TV on Facebook.


As a person interested in gardening, I'd love to have a conversation with about what you have used in your garden or would like to buy for your garden in the future.


Do you need some advice?

I'll answer your questions!

We will be adding giveaway and contests for garden products and plant soon!


I encourage Garden Center TV members (free) to create a personal profile, upload photos or videos of garden products they have used , and share details.

  • Name of product
  • Price they paid
  • Short description
  • Information website
  • Opinions- would they buy it/use it again?

Through the community, gardeners learn from each other about the "great waterfall skimmer" they purchased and other details like this that help us create our gardens!


Garden photos are labeled "Garden-Razzi" for the fun of it!

You get to rate the videos and photos and let your inner critic shine.


I'm having a great time browsing through the videos and photos and many more will be uploaded once I return from the IGC Show.


Will you join me at Garden Center TV?

I'm waiting to say "Hi" to you, so get over there now!

Just don't forget to come back to EdenMakers for garden design ideas and inspiration.








Lechuza “Self Watering” Plant Containers!

Lechuza Self Watering Containers


The Lechuza, "Self Watering" Plant containers were a hit at the Independent Garden Center Show, Chicago.


Garden Center TV: Post #5


The reason why I have failed with some of my container plants is because of improper watering.

Sometimes I over-watered my plants and "killed them with kindness" and other times I didn't give them enough water and they died a slow, thirsty death.

Sound familiar?


I was intrigued when I saw an ad in a garden trade magazine for "self-watering" plant containers by Lechuza.

I wasn't paying attention to the  self watering feature at first, I just liked the way they looked.


Once I noticed that the planters were designed with a sub-irrigation system, I was curious to see them  up close.

Take a look at this short video where I interview Anton Van Zevenbergen, of Lechuza.  

 Anton explains how the planter works.


When used correctly, the planter can maintain a plant for up to 12 weeks with no human intervention!


The Lechuza self watering containers come in different styles, sizes and shapes and are available at your independent garden centers throughout the country.


 The planters are lightweight and very convenient to use.


Watch the whole video series of  Garden Center TV posts!

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Post #2: "Hort Couture Plants for the Plantonista?"

Post #3: "An Indoor Plant Named "Tweed that Looks Like Weed!"

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Visit the Garden Center TV website and community to preview new garden products from around the world and share your opinion about them!


Garden Center TV: An Indoor Plant Named “Tweed” That Looks Like “Weed!”

Garden Center TV


Post #3 Independent Garden Center Show 2008, Chicago

I saw a new indoor plant from Kraft Gardens with a tag that read, "Fool the Police with this Look-Alike!"

I had to take a closer look at the suspicious looking plant to understand the tag, so I made my inspection.

I couldn't believe the uncanny resemblance this vining Anthurium polyschitum (cleverly named "Tweed") had to Cannabis sativa– commonly known as "weed!"

This was not your ordinary, innocent-looking anthurium. 





Kraft Gardens, vining Anthurium, "Tweed" is a hybrid from the Netherlands



I'm not a fan of any kind of weed myself, but I really like the way this anthurium looks.

The Tweed anthurium is a tall, lush vining plant that can be placed in a bright spot indoors, though direct sunlight is discouraged.

Tweed is comfortable in 65-80-degree rooms, just as I am, so I think we will get along just fine!


Anthurium, is a large genus of about 600- 800 (possibly 1,000) species, belonging to the arum family and is native to Central and South America.

A tropical plant, the anthurium is equally at home in the sheltered greenhouses of Netherlands, where this special variety is grown.

Unlike other anthuriums, Tweed is grown for its foliage and not flowering habit and is very elegant.


At the very least, it makes for a great ice breaker!




Watch  my Garden Center TV  video coverage of this new indoor plant.




I also previewed a new line of Dracaena marginatas from Kraft that boast "beautiful legs" like this "Marginata Candelabra Colorama" with candelabra shaped limbs.



Many Indoor plant fans are familiar with the tall foliage plant, dracaena marginata,  often used as a specimen plant to soften corners, large walls and anchor plant groupings.

The dracaena makes a great focal point, but I'm not a fan of the way it grows, exposing it's lanky bare limbs.

I must not be the only person who feels this way, because  Kraft Gardens has introduced a new line of dracaenas that boast decorative, shapely legs that will help me overcome this objection. 


Kraft Gardens "Marginata Braid" dracaena





Kraft's "Marginata Candelabra Red Prince" dracaena


Dracaena marginatas do well in a shady spot in the room-areas that usually need a little oomph!

The dracaena is relatively easy to care for as long as you keep the soil moist at all times and can tolerate slightly cooler room temperatures- around 55*F or so. 

I envision some of these sculptural dracaenas against contrasting colored walls.

Kraft Gardens offers a variety of variegated leaf colors ranging from reds, greens and cream.

The dramatic foliage makes an art statement and is an alternative to nonliving art with the added benefit of helping to purify the air.

Have you seen "Tweed" at your independent garden center or the beautifully limbed dracaenas?

Have you bought any of them?

What's your opinion on these plants?



Watch the whole video series of  Garden Center TV posts!

Post #1: "Monrovia Growers: Would You Like Some Design Inspiration to go with that Plant?"

Post #2:  "Hort Couture Plants for the Plantonista?



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Garden Center TV: Hort Couture for the “Plantonista!”


Independent Garden Center Show, Chicago

''Hort Couture,'' is a plant brand  with an unconventional marketing plan.

The name is a play on the word "haute couture," or "high fashion" as it is referred to in the fashion design world.

Jim and Jennifer Monroe, founders of Hort Couture,  had a clever idea to create a "fashion-inspired" line of plants that would capture the attention of the non-gardening market by appealing to their "inner plantanista" and desire for stylish living.


Stylish living, after all, includes beautiful outdoor living "spaces," or as us dirty hand gardeners refer to, "gardens." 


Has the "House of Hort Couture" come to your area yet? I want to know!

They accomplished this with unique packaging and by offering the the most in-demand plant varieties of succulents, tropicals, edibles, phormiums, and specialty annuals and perennials.


"Fashion for the garden at an accessible price" is how Jennifer Monroe describes her Hort Couture plant collections.

Apparently, they must be on to something, because demand for the brand is growing fast, according to Jennifer.


The plants come in chic white pots that are decorated with black diamonds and gold Fleur de lis.

These pots look ready  "as is,"  for decorating a table or for special events.

They also offer an eco-pot made out of black rice hulls- their answer to the "little black dress." 


Check out my video interview with Jennifer Monroe of Hort Couture



Their vegetable and herb collections have names such as "Designer Basils," "Connoisseur Veggies," (tomatoes), "Salsa in the City," (cilantro, garlic, jalapenos and tomatoes), and other names borrowed from the fashion design vernacular.


Exciting gifts like this Box of Succulents is what I want to receive!


For approximately $30  dollars, this is sure to become a Hort Couture favorite!



Hort Couture brand plants may be targeted to the non gardener who wants to dress up their home, but I think the seasoned gardener will also appreciate the quality of their plants.


I know the difference between a fine specimen and a lesser quality plant, and the plants I previewed looked healthy, vibrant and seemed to be grown with care. 

If these plants are not much more expensive than non- brand plants, as I was told, then they are worth a look.


Hort Couture plants are available at independent garden centers throughout the country and can be found where ever you see the stylishly dressed model display that represents the brand. 


Missed Garden Center TV Post #1 on Monrovia Growers? Go here

Monrovia Growers: Would You Like Some Design Inspiration to Go With That Plant?  Video Post #1

Independent Garden Center Show, Chicago 2008:

Shoppers at independent garden centers will have an added value service provided by Monrovia Growers, in-store boutiques that offer outdoor living and garden design ideas! Monrovia Growers, one of the world’s leading producers of container grown plants is setting up a “boutique within a store” display area in garden centers throughout the country.

 Don’t expect to see this level of inspiration in your big box stores- Monrovia has a staff of visual merchandising experts and  talented designers whose sole responsibility will be to keep the garden design ideas coming season after season. Monrovia does not sell their high quality plants in big box stores anyway and their stock is highly distinquished from their “anemic cousins” offered at discount outlets.

Monrovia worked the “foliage and texture” power combination to bring color to the autumn garden. I’m sold!

I got a preview of Monrovia’s design prowess at the Independent Garden Center show I attended in Chicago a few weeks ago. Their autumn container garden display was “out of the box” with uncommon use of landscape plants like phormiums, carex, huecheras and cotoneasters anchoring vignettes for the porch along with their signature topiaries.

A sense of playfulness and humor was evident in the use of unconventional “pumpkin” planters and the use of contrasting texture and form combinations like yellow mums and toffee-colored carex.


 Check out my video interview with Monrovia visual merchandising guru, Aaron Shiver at the Independent Garden Center Show.

Monrovia plants have always been popular with design professionals and now the general consumer can enjoy the full benefit of their quality plants along with some great ideas for using them in the garden and other outdoor areas.

Monrovia’s whimsical holiday display opens our minds up to the different possibilities.


Next Up on Hort Couture for the “Plantonista!”


Shirley Bovshow’s Garden Center TV Profiles Garden Lifestyle Products!

I just can’t keep my opinion  or my enthusiasm to myself for garden lifestyle products that I find to be useful, clever, beautiful, or all of the above!

I started GardenCenterTV.Com as an outlet for information for products sold at independent garden centers because I believe this is where the consumer has the best selection of plants, gardening and outdoor living products.  

Thousands of independent garden center owners from around the world convened at Chicago’s Navy Pier for the Second Annual Independent Garden Center Show and convention. It was a shopping-fest for garden center buyers as well as an opportunity to attend marketing and educational seminars led by garden retailing experts. 

I covered the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago, sponsored by the publishers of Nursery Retailer and Garden Chic magazines, Jeff and Cheryl Morey. Jeff and Cheryl are powerhouse figures in the garden center trade and unrivaled leaders championing the independent garden center store business owner.

I video taped product displays, interviewed inventors of new products and services and got an eyeful of what’s in store for us all at garden centers across the country! There was a lot to see with over 600 garden product vendors present.

I will be highlighting my favorite finds during the next few weeks. Yes, you will probably see some of these goods in my private landscape design projects and on my television appearances. Why? When I find something I like, I shout it from the mountaintops!

Drop in to read and watch my Garden Center TV posts and videos and let me know what you think!

Shirley Bovshow  

Up Next: My first video profile of Monrovia Growers new,  in-store design boutiques!  

Do You Shop at Independent Garden Centers? The Latest!

Garden Center TV

I’m on my way to Chicago to cover the Independent Garden Center Show.  The “IGC Show” will run from Monday August 19 until Thursday, August 21 and is being touted as the “World’s Largest Garden Center Show,” so I have BIG expectations!


I’m  packing comfortable shoes, my video camera and taking along an assistant so that I can make my way through the massive exhibit hall where over 500 garden product manufacturers hope to catch the eye of retailers and media representatives. 

As a garden spokesperson for television and online, I’m looking to find the most unique, clever, practical and beautiful garden products to share with you and use in my landscape designs.

I’m ready to be swept off my muddy feet with:

Out of this world statuary!


Fountains with personality….


Outdoor furniture that looks like furniture!


Sexy water garden plants and decor!


Garden accessories I can place in the garden with pride!


New, personalized garden tools that suit my lack of dexterity!


New, shiny (and not so shiny) garden pottery that will be the envy of all….


And anything out of the ordinary, strange and captivating like this “Flying Bamboo” from Monrovia Growers!

Plus, soil, seeds, mulches, fertilizers, water management systems and everything else!

Have any garden products you want me to scope out for you? Let me know.

Visit EdenMakers’ Blog for the latest scoop on what you can expect to find in your local garden center.