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Edible Miniature Fairy Garden with-Succulent Roof by shirley Bovshow

Edible Miniature Fairy Garden with-Succulent Roof by shirley Bovshow

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  1. Dear Patricia,

    Thanks for making my day! What a sweet comment. 
    I feel very blessed to be able to  present my passion on Home & Family and am so happy you like my work!
    Drop me a line when you visit L.A. so that you can watch the show taping.

    If you are inclined, please leave a comment on the Facebook Home and Family page letting them know you like my segments. The producers read the comments there as well as the ones on the Hallmark Channel website “Home & Family” community board.

    When they see positive comments, they are more likely to have me on more often!

    Thanks again.


  2. Shirley you are one of the most creative people I know, a true artist. Love watching you on Home and Family. Many times I've been drawn to your blogs from a picture of one of your wonderful creations. I've watched Home and Family with Christine and her many co-hosts since back in the 90 's. You have put out some of their very best segments. I would love to visit you, Woody and the gang one of these days at the "home", as I adore the show. Best wishes to you always, Patty   https://www.facebook.com/PatriciaBoyerRossi

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