Independent Garden Show Twitter and Facebook!

Independent Garden Show Twitter and Facebook!

by / 4 Comments / 397 View / August 19, 2009

Gardening fans, you can follow my garden product and plant discoveries on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

fudge vendor

I'm at the world's largest gardening tradeshow in Chicago, the "IGC Show" and I'm "twittering" and updating my facebook daily and posting photos of some of the products that I will be videotaping today for my online garden product series, "Garden Center TV!"


moss milk shake

So far, I've got the new "Moss Milkshake" on my list,"invisible plant hangers," the new drought tolerant lawn, "Eco Lawn" and much more.

Stay tuned for more Garden Center TV updates from Eden Maker, Shirley Bovshow!

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  1. Hi David-
    I saw your “Friend” request come in. Of course I will friend you back and “follow” your Tweets!

  2. Hi Shirley,

    I wasn’t sure whether or not we had exchanged Twitter and/or Facebook contacts previously, so I just clicked on the links you provided for both and began following you/became your friend.

  3. I missed the Moss Milkshake, but then I have plenty of moss without it. Did you check out Father Dom’s Duckdoo? I suggested to the distributor that he call my favorite local nurseries and suggest that they stock it. It’s great stuff.

  4. I hope that “Moss Milkshake” has a BIG “not for human consumotion” warning — seriously, after giving away 100+ bottles of my friend’s worm tea and having EVERY SINGLE PERSON ask: if it was made from worms (!) or if it was for feeding worms or HOW it tasted (!!) – I never over-stimate the public’s reading comprehension abilitiies.

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