#GWA: Live Online Tonight “Garden World Report with Shirley Bovshow!”

#GWA: Live Online Tonight “Garden World Report with Shirley Bovshow!”

by / 10 Comments / 115 View / September 26, 2009

The "Garden World Report with Shirley Bovshow" premiers tonight, Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 8 PM EST on Eden Makers Blog. Shirley will be broadcasting live and online from the Garden Writers Association annual convention in Raleigh N.C. Watch the web's first LIVE garden lifestyle talk show every Sunday night at 5PM PST from Los Angeles. If you are following the event on Twitter (#GWA), send us your tweets or participate in the live chat by selecting the "chat" button at the bottom of the player. See what your favorite "garden tribe" twitterer's have been up to and get in on the action! Got an opinion? Let's talk about "new generation gardeners," "Lawn Reform" and whatever is on your mind! Approx. 15 minutes Need updates? Follow @GardenWReport on Twitter and subscribe to EdenMakers Blog for the latest news!

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  1. thanks allot, for the detailed post!
    Here, I found a youtube video about watching tv online that I would like to share: International Tv channel online..
    But seriously, amazing post and thank you alot !!
    I look ahead to your next article !!

  2. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for your comment and for watching the show. I welcome your suggestions.

  3. Bravo Shirley! Great shows! Will be on the lookout for interesting topics for your fab broadcast!

  4. […] seemingly non-stop. What you’ll see below is the trailer, or appetizer, for her more involved Garden World Report. Be patient, and you’ll catch my cameo appearance near the […]

  5. Thanks Roger. I appreciate your visit to EdenMakers. Welcome!
    I do love to “challenge the limits” especially when the “limits are challenging!”
    You know something about that yourself! Best of luck with your projects at Cool Springs Press!

  6. Wasn’t Billy a character? I mean, he IS a character and I look forward to having him on again. He doesn’t live too far away from me so it is a possibility. You will be a special guest one day. I have to get Skype set up for the live feed-working on it.

  7. You hit the nail on the head Miriam! Not that I’m a “gardening community builder supreme,” (thanks) but that we need to support our gardening community. I’m glad you found the show entertaining- because gardening is entertaining and a healing diversion in life!

  8. Great Job Shirley! I love people who challenge the limits…

  9. That was lots of fun. Wish I had not been on the road and I would have joined in. Will catch you soon hopefully. Miss ya already. Tell Billy he’s just plain awesome.

  10. Wow Shirley! You are our gardening community builder supreme! Thank you for your innovative, energetic, wacky and constructive and waaayyy fun approach to bringing garden community to the world of social networking.

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