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“Garden Magazines” For Your Planting Zone

by / 2 Comments / 397 View / January 4, 2010


If you buy regional garden magazines you are probably reading about  specific information for your planting zone.

I want to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and consider a regional magazine that doesn't have your city name on it.


Instead, focus on your garden zone and select a magazine that shares the same zone.

It may be in a different state, or a different country!

That's what I do!


Garden World Report Show: "Garden Magazines"

The Garden World Report Show focuses on "Garden Magazines for Every Climate" this week.


For instance, I garden in Los Angeles but I find relevant information for my garden in the "Guru" magazine from Australia.


Cover of the Garden Gurus magazine from Australia


My zone 10 garden is similar to the Western Australian "zone 3."

I learn about beautiful Australian plant and trees that will thrive in my dry, hot garden.

You get the picture.


I invite you to watch the "Garden Magazines" segment of my  Garden World Report show.

It will introduce you to some features exciting, information-filled magazines that you may have never heard of but are relevant to your garden.


In addition to this, the "Garden Magazines" show explores, a "wikipedia for plants!"

Have you heard of it?

It's a database of plants that you can add to and edit as a collaborative effort with others.


"Good Enough Gardening" OpenSky online store


There's a new online retailer called the OpenSky project that sets  up "shopkeepers" from around the web who are experts in their field!

Social media expert, Jean Ann VK reports on the OpenSky concept that promises to make your online shopping for garden products a lot more personal.


Pond in landscape design by Tarek Rahman in Bangladesh


I'm excited to present our first contributor from Bangladesh!

Tarek Rahman will lead us on a tour of one of the gardens he created in Dhaka.

Tarek says that the landscape industry is in it's infancy and he's one of the few landscape designers working in Bangladesh.

Watch his segment.


Enjoy the show and "thank you" to all the international contributors!


Neville Passmore is a host of Garden Gurus TV show in Australia

Neville Passmore, co-host of Australia's hottest garden TV show, "The Garden Gurus."


Rafi is the webmaster for

Rafi, creator of


Kathy Jentz, editor and publisher of the Washington Gardener magazine

Kathy Jentz, publisher of the Washington Gardener magazine


Je Ellen Meyers Sharp, Garden Writer for Hoosier Garden

Jo Ellen Meyers-Sharp, publisher of Indiana Living Green magazine


Eric Hofley is the editor of the Michigan Gardener magazine

Eric Hofley, editor of the Michigan Gardener magazine


Jean Ann Van Krevelen

Social media expert, Jean Ann VK talks about the OpenSky Project, an online retailer


Tarek Rahman is a landscaper in Bangladesh and contributor to Garden World Report Show

Tarek Rahman, contributor from Bangladesh.


Garden trend spotter, Suzi McCoy presents "Garden Trends for 2010"


Watch all of the Garden World Report Shows and look for our new season premiere in October 2011!

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  1. Your site is excellent
    and your article here is great.

    I am from Ireland and its great to come across such a great gardening and flowers blog.

    Thanks for sharing these other gardening sites with us

  2. Great show, Shirley. Congrats on getting a submission from halfway around the world đŸ™‚

    The Open Sky Project looks interesting, but if you’re looking to buy plants directly from expert nursery owners, come check out DoLeaf. Everything offered is sold by small nursery owners from around the country. It’s like going to your local specialty garden center, except you can do it from your living room!

    Check it out at

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