“Go Green Expo” Los Angeles

“Go Green Expo” Los Angeles

by / 5 Comments / 249 View / January 21, 2010

I know what I’m doing on Saturday, January 23, 2010 and I’m inviting you to come along!

I’ll be attending the “Go Green Expo” at the Los Angeles Convention Center along with garden writer Billy Goodnick, (“Cool Green Gardens” at FineGardening.com).

Billy always so there may be some antics in store.

I’ll make sure to bring my video camera to capture these moments plus the highlights of the expo to share with you.

audience at the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles

The Go Green Expo focuses sustainable living products, services, education and lot’s of entertainment

Eat, Drink, Shop Green… and Get a Job!

Billy and I are going to  shop for the latest eco friendly products,  attend seminars on “green jobs,” “sustainable investing,” certified dog training, catch an “eco-fashion show,” visit garden business innovators, FarmScape and the Garden Nerd and maybe do some yoga.

That’s right, yoga!

We are going to eat too.

Lot’s of organic, locally produced food will be available along with organic wine tasting. (I’ll have Billy sample the wine for me, I’m driving).

Did I mention that there is a job fair on Saturday and Sunday? Resumes are required. Bring about a dozen of them.

They are not playing around here, they really want to help you find a job!

I recommend you visit the job fair before the wine tasting…I’m just saying.

Go Green Expo : Days and Hours

The Go Green Expo opens it’s doors on Friday, Jan 22  from 10 to 5 with a focus that day on seminars geared towards businesses that want to integrate sustainable practices.

Saturday and Sunday’s presentations are geared towards the general public and families.

The Go Green Expo will be open from 10 to 6 on Saturday (Jan 23) and from 10 to 5 on Sunday (Jan 24).


Adult tickets are $10 for a weekend pass, children under 12 are free, senior tickets are $5 dollars.

Tickets can be purchased online for 1/2 price admission with promo code gge50: www.gogreenexpo.com or at the show. All tickets provide access to the entire exhibit floor, all panel & speakers discussions along with all film presentations.

Such a deal!

Go Green Expo was smart to offer children’s activities on these days because you  know those rascals need to be entertained or mommy and daddy won’t be able to have any fun of their own!

Ed Begley Jr

Ed Begley Jr.

mariel hemmingway photo

Mariel Hemmingway

Actress, Linda Blair will be hosting a pet rescue!

Ed Begley Jr. will be speaking on Saturday and Mariel Hemmingway on Sunday.

So who knows, I might come home with another dog!

Take a look at the complete program and    event schedule here.

Bradford Rand, Producer of Go Green Expo

I’m impressed with the work of Bradford Rand, the creator of the show who in 2 years has taken this Go Green Expo from “newbie”  in the  international green show category, to MAJOR player!

(I guess  it doesn’t hurt that Rand is an established event producer of over 20 years and already is  a MAJOR player in multiple market categories).

Plus, he’s from New York!  (Rand’s explanation).

Rand  has rallied the support of the major media, celebrities and community.


Hey, I’m even singing his praises on behalf of the “Garden World Report” show!

The “Rocking Green Event Producer!”

…On the subject of singing, apparently Rand isn’t just a “rock star” in the event’s field, he is an actual singer and will be performing along with the band, “Feast of Friends” at the legendary Viper Room in West Hollywood on Saturday night at 7:30 PM!

Rand and the band will be performing a tribute to the Doors music.

$10 bucks for an entertaining night with some fun “green mover’s and shakers” who will get  you moving too, sounds like a sustainable fee for most people!

Join Billy and I at the Go Green Expo on Saturday and please come over and say “Hi.”

We’ll be walking around!

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  2. My pleasure Jane. Your segment on native plants will air in March. Looking forward to that. I’ll give you the head’s up beforehand.

  3. I loved spending time with you at the show. And look forward to doing it again in another gardening format. And thanks for all the wonderful things you do for the landscape industry!

  4. It looks like quite an event … We simply can’t match the scale of these kind of things in New Zealand…

    Hope you are enjoying it :O) I’d have a grin like a Cheshire cat too with Shirley beside me :O)


  5. Shoiley! Are we gonna have fun or what? See you tomorrow, stingy brim hat securely atop my noggin.

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