Shirley Bovshow and the new garden media at San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show Reporters

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I'm attending the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show (March 23- March 27, 2011) and looking forward to seeing

the gorgeous display gardens and my fellow garden writers and bloggers there.

My friends will be taking photos, video taping, recording podcasts, Twittering, posting Facebook updates and blogging about the show!


New Garden Media at Work

There is a new league of garden communicators who use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to post gardening information in addition to their blogs.

The new garden media troop is comprised of professional garden designers, writers, bloggers, presenters, pod casters and everyday garden enthusiasts.

Everyone has a different personality, expertise and style of writing, bringing a wide diversity of voice to the coverage.


New garden media is filling the void left by lack of garden television shows, dwindling garden magazines and newspaper garden columns.

As a result, this inspired group of passion-driven "citizen reporters" and  traditional garden writers are taking action!


Shirley Bovshow and the new garden media at San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

Top (L-R) Shirley with top garden bloggers and writers: Jenny Peterson, Stephanie Martin, Billy Goodnick, Theresa Loe, Jayme Jenkins, Katie Elzer Peters, Bottom (L-R) Christina Salwitz, Rebecca Sweet and Angela Davis


So if you are not attending the show, take advantage of the plethora of information available to you from the show's Facebook page, garden blogs, and my show, "Garden World Report!"

It's the next best thing to being there!



Watch highlights from the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, 2010


christina salwitz reporting for the Garden World Report

Christina Salwitz, a landscape designer and Personal Garden Coach, reporting for  my show, The Garden World Report about new plant introductions.


Shirley interviews Jere Gettle owner of Baker Heirloom Seeds!



Shirley interviewing Julie Chai, Associate Garden Editor for Sunset Magazine







"Behind the scenes" video at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show press room where your "garden inspiration" magazine articles, blog posts, videos and stories are being hatched up.

The bottom line for me is that I'm incredibly happy to be a part of the vanguard of new garden media and mixing it up with other like minded people.

After all, don't you want to get your garden news and inspiration from people who love to garden just as much as you do?



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