Copper container garden vignette

3-Tier Container Garden

by / 9 Comments / 1307 View / April 23, 2010

These  gorgeous, three-tier container gardens were spotted in front of the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago where I stayed this week.

The  first thing that caught my attention was the copper containers themselves and then I noticed how dynamic the plant arrangement was!

Not only are the copper containers  a feature in this landscape, but the “understory” planting of bulbs and annuals all work together for this spectacular vignette.


close up of copper container

Note how the tulips, Swedish ivy and other annuals complete the look underneath the copper container garden arrangement.


The top  tier features the “thriller” plant, or featured plant- a strappy and billowy ornamental grass.

Perfect topper.

Underneath are lavender azaleas and spilling, Swedish ivy.



metal stand

The three-tier container plant arrangement is elevated from the bottom level for prominence.


A metal planter stand raises the copper containers for greater prominence.

I recommend using a concrete paver to place the stand on.

It will balance that the metal legs  so they don’t sink into the soil and tilt over.

You can always cover the paver with a sheet of moss.


Every tier in the container garden arrangement is elevated.


Some Tips

When selecting a plant stand for use within another pot like this, make sure the legs sit as low to the bottom of the container as possible so that it doesn’t “sink” after filling with soil and plants.

I suggest using a metal plant stand that is powder coated so that it doesn’t rot from the constant contact with moist soil.


Hope this container garden arrangement inspires you to create your own!

Here are some more of my container garden design ideas.

Want some design ideas for affordable and beautiful edible container gardens?

Okay, go out and garden!


9 Comment

  1. ohh it’s pretty nice, look really good in the garden.

  2. […] order to create a multi-tiered garden effect, a ground cover plant was needed to carpet the bottom of the […]

  3. Container garden designs are so cool! Chicago is surely one of the best places I'd visit sometime in the future

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    Magnificent garden with magnificent plants, I just love the tulips, how they stand there and contrast the green with their purple,  they’re truly wonderful flowers and I love the way the design just screams “look at me I am Beautiful!”

  5. Just love the Swedish ivy. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. Impressive, in a Galactic kind of way. Its an idea I might use in this weeks design of a gutter-garden in Tokyo – outsmart dogs, capture sun, and make a writer happy.

  7. HI Sheila,
    I agree with you. Chicago has some of the most beutiful landscaping I’ve seen in a major city.

  8. never been to chicago but this setup reminds me a lot of what i got done in my backyard last summer. i have the containers in a rock garden with beautiful curved retaining wall and a water feature in the back. all new sodding and a custom built deck and fence stained very dark. handyman landscaping of calgary and edmonton built it for me. you can see my yard on their website

  9. Isn’t Chicago just an amazingly beautiful city because of its landscaping?

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