silver painted wood tree box

Tree Box Holiday Planter!

by / 7 Comments / 407 View / December 11, 2010

Tree Box Holiday Planter 

Most people who plant large trees purchase them in wood box containers.

You can find discarded tree boxes in dumpsters sitting in front of newly planted yards or piling up at a contractors yard.

Such a shame!


Once a person plants their tree, they look for a way to dispose of the large planters.  

I'll take them, and you should too.


Re-purpose wood containers as holiday planters, like this creative design I saw at the Renaissance Esmerelda Hotel in Palm Desert!

This design caught my eye and is easy to duplicate.  


silver painted wood tree box

Holiday planters can be expensive, especially one this size.

If you notice a neighbor doing a landscape project, ask them if you can have a couple of their tree boxes.  


Close up of silver tree box

This scrap wood  tree box container takes on a new life as a silver holiday planter.


Tree branches are also re-purposed as a sculptural tree.

See what a little  spray paint can do!


Tree Boxes as Raised Vegetable Planters!

Another idea for using tree boxes in the garden is to plant them with vegetables.

Tree boxes make fantastic raised garden beds.

Watch what my friend and landscape designer, Marilee Kuhlman did with hers.



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7 Comment

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  2. Thank you Wanda. I’m actually going to post more photos of the Home & Family project later today!

    Thanks for watching. Shirley

  3. I just saw you make this on today's episode of Home and Family from the Hallmark Channel.  This is perfect for decorating my wedding.  Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Or even dwarf pumpkins at halloween

  5. These look really good. I particularly like the cloth at the base- I might try something similar this easter- and put little eggs at the bottom for the kids.

  6. Great idea, what a cool looking planter.

  7. What a great tip for a holiday planter. We always order 24″ box trees for our clients and now you gave me a fun idea to re-purpose the wood box. Thanks!

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