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Container Gardens That Catch The Eye!

by / 12 Comments / 1316 View / March 11, 2008

Container gardens that catch the eye are luscious “eye candy” for the container garden enthusiast!

Creative plant containers sometimes tell a story or use unexpected materials that are natural conversation starters.

As long as the accessories are waterproof or water resistant, you can design with abandon.

Take a look at some container gardens that have caught my eye!


Orange tumbled glass adds color to my bromeliad while I wait for it to bloom!


Metal Figure Model + Common winter pansies= Uncommon Combo!


“Sacred Succulent Gardens”  with small statue and mixed succulents.

Create your own meditation or reflection garden.


“Simply Sorbet!”

Stack shiny ceramic pots in lime green and cantaloupe.


Earthy textures and statuary for your “Meditation Garden”


Zinc planter trio: “A Garden Within a Garden”

Stack three zinc containers, all different sizes and shapes for a self contained vignette!


The bunny figurine makes this simple planting combo special!

Design Tips For Container Gardens

  • Add statuary and garden decor in your containers to infuse a little personality or to create a mini-themed garden.
  • Use colored recycled glass as a mulch for your container plants for year-round color
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and add your personal stamp to your garden!

Show me your special container garden designs.

12 Comment

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  2. I will add you to my mailing list how is that Ferne? I will be posting an announcement on my blog- but remember, I’m starting out with just a few items and will grow from there.

    What I have found regarding accessories for pots is that you can use anything that is “water-safe” or won’t rot from water. Look around the house for ceramic figurines, or metal art. Metal if it is not powder coated will eventually break down but it will last a while in your pots.

    I love the container plants above too. Some of them are from a local nursery in Calabasas near my house- Sperling Nursery-great stuff!

  3. Is there some sort of notification list for people who want to be notified of the opening of your store? If there is please add me to it! I loved your pots pictured above, too. I work at a nursery and pot some of the custom pots there, but even I don’t have such interesting art available to add to mine.

  4. Wow Anna, I need to give you a job! Thanks for the list of recommended products. I’m going to start small and grow and will include lots of the goodies on your list.
    To begin with, I will be selling recycled tumbled glass because I have such a demand for it and it is not easy to get. This is one product that is not available everywhere but I will have lots of colors and sizes.
    I’m also selling some beautiful privacy and shade screens made from metal that are almost like art pieces but very functional. This will be for folks who are tired of the same old lattice- I will give options.
    I have some amazing fire bowls that are also art pieces and function as sculpture when not in use. I’ll have special outdoor lighting and some hard to find landscaping materials so folks can build their dream Edens!

    I want to launch in April after I come back from Epcot, but I’ve been busy doing television work and preparing for my “Art in the Garden” presentation for Epcot. Look for it around April it will be called, what else? EdenMakers Store!!!!

    Anna, thanks for the punch in the arm, I need to keep working on this store!! I appreciate all your suggestions. Anybody else have some ideas for great products they would like to see that are not commonly available? Are you an artist with a unique and functional garden product? Let me know!

  5. I have been waiting for that store of yours to open. I know it’s going to have awesome and attractive things for gardeners. Let’s see–we need:
    Outdoor chandeliers-have you see the new ones made from old fashioned wire edging?
    outdoor mats
    all kinds of nifty sayings–you know, not cutsie-but beautiful
    bird baths made from discarded vases and decorative plates–totem baths
    outdoor lights–lamps-small ones for accent
    napkins and placemats in all kinds of colored garden and bug themes
    birdhouses made from picture molding and broken plates
    Coffe tables and end tables made from old windows
    Garden benches made from headboards or old doors
    Temp and Time clocks
    Garden Gates
    plant pokes
    APRONS!! you know the half kind we like but made from pretty materials and made from jean material. I made one and it’s perfect. Actually–I made it from an old pair of painter paints.
    Galvanized buckets—and show a display of how they could be used
    Pics of all kinds mounted old barn wood and sealed with the new outdoor modge podge
    gardening tools
    The best books out there both gardening fiction and research
    Tons of watering cans–our shop could never keep enough colorful watering cans
    planting benches
    Candles with candle holders that block the wind
    Citronella Candles
    window boxes and liners that fit them
    moss of all colors
    garden jewelry—oh–I’ve got to foward you a site for the prettiest pieces. This lady puts real flower arrangements inside glass and makes pendents–I’m racking my brain to think of the name.
    Seed Packets
    If there was any way you could come up with a good T-Shirt design with garden pics on the front–they sell well. Women like 3/4 length scoop neck. I know a source if you need it.
    Old fashioned rung ladders–for drying towels and using hooks to hang garden tools on
    Outdoor serving pieces like a pitcher and plastic cup set
    Calendars–Pat Richter Gallery is very pretty. I think she is with Lang
    Hand lotions
    Terreriums sp?

    Ok, I’ll quit for now—but these are some things that sold well in the shop where I worked. You can have your own line of glycerine lotions etc–with your logo and it’s not too expensive. This is going to be so much fun!

  6. :), I was here and you were sleeping!

  7. Hi Joy and Lin. Thanks for the visit. It is amazing what a little unexpected detail will do for container gardens. I like to think that it elevates the planters to “art status.”

    The tumbled glass is usually available at specialty landscape centers or crafts stores. They are also available online. Hopefully, I will be launching my online garden decor store sometime in April that will carry a whole line of tumbled glass products! If you don’t find it, let me know and maybe I can expedite the order eventhough I’m not officially launched yet.

  8. Beautiful! You’ve inspired me to make a few new arrangements of my own.
    Thanks! Is the tumbled glass available at most large nurseries?

  9. What beautiful containers ! .. I love the aged look and the interest with little features added on .. I have a meditation Buddah in the back corner of my garden .. it is such a claming affect seeing it there with a bit of shade and my ferns.
    Lovely photos !

  10. Hi Nancy and Anna, thanks for dropping in . These planters were my inspiration for my CBS Early Show spot but the plants were not availabe yet in New York City. Too early in the season! At least you can see the containers now!

  11. Those are beautiful and interesting. This season is going to be fun and I can’t wait.

  12. Wonderful ideas! I think I would be quite at home in your garden. 🙂

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