“Bold, Red, Raised Planter”

“Bold, Red, Raised Planter”

by / 13 Comments / 516 View / February 5, 2008

Artistic Raised Planters

I love it when functional garden structures do double duty like this bold, red, raised vegetable planter. Placed at an angle in the corner of this yard, the five-foot tall attached lattice obscures an ugly view of the nieghbors garage.


The main function of the lattice is to hold up the vining cucumbers and tall-growing tomatoes but I think the red color elevates the planter to "garden art" status with it's custom "Fresh Produce" sign. Okay, so this planter is actually doing triple duty!


 I designed this raised vegetable planter for the HGTV garden makeover show, Outer Spaces. The homeowner had vegetables planted all over the yard, but unfortunately, most of them were not thriving due to bad placement and encroachment from larger perennials.


I chose the sunniest spot in the yard, (which happened to be the least attractive area in the yard) and sited the bright red planter there. The color itself "stops" the eye from looking beyond, (thank God!)


The ugly view challenge met, I wanted to avoid the look of a misplaced "red spectacle," like the red sofa in the cult classic art book,"The Red Sofa" where a red sofa is dropped out of context into random American landscape scenes.




Red can be a risky color to work with because it calls so much attention to itself. I made sure to include a little red in other decor items to temper and balance it throughout the yard. A red bench, red planters- you get the picture.








How have you used red in your garden?

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  1. Hi Kylee, Robin and Sean! Thanks for your comments and for the visit.

  2. Shirley,

    Nice use of red. Like they say in the nursery business, red sells. I can see why using red in other aspects really does bring more appeal to the landscape. Great job.


  3. I love the red raised bed. I had a similar one a few years ago but would have never thought to add a trellis. What a great idea!

  4. I love this use of red! Frank Lloyd Wright used a similar shade as an accent color. Red is my favorite color and I’m going to have to try to use it more outside.

  5. Great idea Anna!

  6. Count me as one who will include this in my to-do list. All my beds will be raised so this is an awesome idea. You know I’m building that old window shed–so I’m thinking of adding a red rooster weather vane to the top of it. I think every garden should have a touch of red so your eye will be drawn to that area. You come up with the best ideas!

  7. Hi Dee and Kate. Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to comment. I’ll have to check out your blogs too!
    Sometimes just a touch of a color that isn’t your favorite can work in mysterious ways!

  8. This was a great article. I am not a big fan of red, but I think it is more because it isn’t always used properly. The way you’ve added touches of red here and there looks great!

  9. Love it! Good post on the use of red in the landscape. I love red.~~Dee

  10. Welcome Deb!

  11. Pretty

  12. Going to try one more time to upload photo!


  13. Awesome article! Another idea for adding a little red in a bed might be red and white spotted toadstools. Try it for an instant little lift!

    -Chris Lane at Garden Fantasies

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