Succulent Planters- Would You Believe Palm Fronds?

Succulent Planters- Would You Believe Palm Fronds?

by / 10 Comments / 1455 View / May 7, 2008

I spent the day at the Los Angeles County Arboretum last week attending the L.A. Garden Show and touring the display gardens and marketplace there.

I was impressed with some clever succulent planters that were created by a group of Arboretum volunteers using re purposed natural materials like palm fronds and hollowed tree stumps.

There were some great ideas for repurposing landscape debris!






















This Queen Palm frond was planted two months ago.

hole was drilled in the back of it to secure a hook for hanging. 

A "planting bag" constructed from chicken wire was fit into the frond cavity and filled with sphagnum moss, cactus mix, coco fibers and shredded newspapers and closed with wire.


Close up of chicken wire mesh that holds the succulents in the palm frond.



Arboretum volunteer Beverly Harris happily poses beside the hanging succulent bag and succulent chair planters that her group of volunteers made to sell at the garden show.

Beverly said that the frond succulent bag took over 15 hours to make and they used chopsticks to gently insert each succulent cutting into the moistened planting medium.


I've seen lots of old tree stumps used as tables, but I love the way it looks as a planter for these succulents!

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  1. […] job" is as a garden designer,  it's par for the course. Here are two my my latest unconventional succulent plant displays that I hope will inspire you to think outside of the box in your garden! These also make great gift […]

  2. Thanks Robert! Would you like to add me to your blogroll? If so, I will reciprocate. I’ve visited your blog and you have many useful and informative posts.

    Let me know.

  3. Amazing, and beautiful. I love succulents! I would like your permission to feature your blog on my blog. It is so informative and has great visuals.

  4. Hi Anna,
    I miss you too, and all my blogging readers and friends. I’ve been busy, just as you guessed- this is the busiest time of year for landscaping. I just added a fresh post- thanks to your visit, I felt prompted to do so. Come back soon, I’ll be refreshing the posts more frequently.

    How is your garden coming along?

  5. Shirley-I miss ya. I know you are up to your ears in dirt since it’s planting season. Just wanted you to know you are near and dear to me. My blog is down right now but I’m working on a new one. Hugs!!

  6. Hi Anna! Thanks for dropping in. I bet you are busy designing your yard these days- very exciting. I’m busy here in L.A. with landscaping projects and upcoming television projects. I’ll give you appearance dates soon!

    I miss blogging and will try to do it more often. The kids are out of school in a month and then things will get really busy keeping them occupied. Keep me posted on your yard.

  7. Every day someone comes up with something new. I bet your wheels were turning as you thought of how to make it better. How many things are you working on now? Have you got any new landscaping projects?

    I’ve got a big garden project of my own going on in the back yard. I keep thinking I’m done with it but it keeps eating plants. My merchandising job ends soon and I’ll be glad. I want to gear up on my containers and try to get some done to sell.

    I hope you are doing well. I was just thinking about you and came by to see how you were doing.

  8. Hi Lisa and Nancy. One of the nice things about the palm frond is that it can be hung up as a wall adornment or set in the middle of a table as a centerpeice.

  9. Clever ideas indeed. I just love succulents. So many aren’t hardy in our winters. I have a few that are but those Echeverias are to die for. Palm fronds should be good for something. This looks like a great use for them.

  10. How wonderful! I especially like the “stuffed palm”. đŸ™‚

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