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The “Hanging Gardens” of a Desperate Apartment Dweller!

by / 6 Comments / 1135 View / June 9, 2008


Garden in Santa Monica, California

I’ve heard people say, “I can’t have a garden because I live in an apartment with no patio or balcony.”

Ok, here is the proof that when there is a will, there is a way to enjoy even the smallest garden.

Hang those plants!


purple greenbo balcony planter hanging on railing

On the subject of hanging plants from whatever vertical wall or railing you have, do you know about the Greenbo Planter?

Designed to fit on top of a balcony railing, the Greenbo planter is stylish, space efficient and doesn’t need any screws or nails to attach to your railing!

The Greenbo planter self mounts onto your railing- up to 6″ inches wide.

Read more about these planters on my Garden Center TV site!


6 Comment

  1. Hi Cinj and Trey. Good to have you back.
    That fire escape garden was a sign of things to come. Now you have a nursery!

  2. Reminds me of our first apartment. We had quite a garden on the fire escape. When they look out the window they see flowers in the garden. Perspective. Glad you posted it.

  3. Well that’s really using the noggin’ now, isn’t it? I love the fact that they wanted to garden so much they put up those wonderful pots.

  4. Hey Nancy and Ferne- Good morning!
    One of the challenging and exiting parts of my job as a garden designer is coming up with ways to build gardens in tiny areas including no areas, like the photo. My mom has been begging me to create a garden retreat in her tiny 5 foot by 10 foot mini apartment patio area but I’ve been “too busy.”

    Look for more posts about apartment gardening from me and some video segments as well. I’m going to redeem myself with my mom in the next month.

    Ferne, jump on it too, we need as many ideas as possible from all kinds of garden voices. Hey Ferne, how is the Worm Magic on squash leaves?

  5. I live in an apartment so I totally understand, but at least I have a little piece of deck. It is hard to walk out on though because we filled it with plants then went to the front porch. The problem with decks like ours though is bad air circulation which white flies seem to love and I can’t use a hose to water so I have to it with a sprinkling can. Love my Haws! I have found Worm Magic sprayed on the leaves of many plants seems to be helping with the insects for now…summer is still to come…so we’ll see if I keep spraying regularly just how well this will work. You could do a whole segment on apartment gardening…or maybe I should! Hmmmm!

  6. Gawd, I love color! That red and blue combo is so striking! I garden on a balcony for right now, and I plan to hang a few pots…containers, along with that which I can squeeze into my tiny space.

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