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Proven Winners Plants: The Forum Carlsbad Shopping Center

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The Forum Carlsbad Shopping Center gardens featuring Proven Winners plants is an example of exceptional public landscaping.

When was the last time you visited an outdoor shopping center and left with tons of garden design ideas!


Decorative metal planter and annual garden plants by Proven Winners Snow Princess

A custom metal planter/scupture displays ornamental grasses, cascading "Snow Princess" alyssum and other annuals by Proven Winners


From the moment I pulled into the parking lot of this upscale shopping destination, I was transfixed by the hanging baskets, the parking lot gardens, (yes, parking lot gardens!) and colorful landscaping.



Garden Pots Container Gardens on Pedestals in Shopping Center

You can make pedestals like this for your garden using painted landscape lumber cut in different heights. Secure the pots by attaching rebar to the posts and threading through the drain hole!


A collaborative partnership was forged recently between the well known plant brand, Proven Winners and the award winning landscape company, The Brickman Group for this ground breaking installation.


The Brickman Group maintains some of the most prominent commercial, hotel and corporate gardens around the country, including the Forum Carlsbad Shopping Center and the Hotel del Coronado in California.


Assorted Proven Winners Supertunia Vista Bubblegum

Annual color bed with  Supertunia(R) Vista Bubblegum Petunia and the improved alyssum, "Snow Princess."


Proven Winners is hoping to work closely with landscape companies so that they will feature Proven Winner plants in their residential and commercial projects.

This is sure to translate into more beautiful public spaces where garden lovers can be exposed to new plant varieties for their gardens!


Proven Winners, a leading consumer plant brand many gardeners are familiar with, is now courting the landscape professional directly!

I know for a fact that the typical home gardener doesn't buy more plants than I do on a yearly basis.


Shirley Bovshow landscape designer buying plants for a project

Who buys more plants than a landscape pro?

Who needs to provide quality plants to their clients in order to minimize the risk of plant failure?

Who is in the market for novel and interesting plants that have been bred for improved performance?

Landscape designers, architects and landscape contractors, people like me!


Proven Winners is now contracting select growers to grow large, one, five and fifteen gallon plants for the landscape professional to use in projects.

With the emphasis that Proven Winners has in developing improved varieties of plants, this is good news for me.

These plants are bred for greater disease risistence, less maintenance, less watering needs and better performance.


Garden and Landscape Ideas From The Forum Carlsbad Shopping Center


Flagstone inlayed walkway and colored concrete at the Forum Carlsbad

Colored concrete walkways are decorated with inlayed flagstone ribbons. This is a great combination for driveways too.


Proven Winners red vogue mandevilla vine

Proven Winners, "Red Vogue" mandevilla vine will grow and spill over the boulders, softening them and injecting lots of color in this water garden.








By the way, if you ever visit The Forum  Carlsbad Shopping Center, you MUST eat at "Casa de Bandini!"

Casa de Bandini has one of the most beautiful outdoor dining patios that I've ever seen.

Fountains, outdoor living rooms, fireplaces, lush and colorful potted plants- it feels like a party.



The food and service are excellent as well.

The handmade corn tortillas are unforgettable.

Read my review on my new blog, Foodie Gardener!

I digress.


What was the most inspiring public landscape you've seen lately?

Any beautiful gas station gardens?


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  1. Always been a big fan of PW since, pretty much, its inception. So many lovelies here but you should know 'White Princess' alyssum is a total water hog, so garden bed settings are more effective than using it in mixed containers. Anyone had the same experience?

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