Get More From Your Summer Vegetable Garden!

Get More From Your Summer Vegetable Garden!

by / 6 Comments / 208 View / August 7, 2008


You can get more from your summer vegetable garden if you follow some good advice.

I know where to find it and I'm sharing some authoritative tips with you.



The summer vegetable growing season is flying by, but that doesn't mean that the vegetable garden is ready to call it quits.

I came across some terrific advice from my fellow gardening comrades and bloggers to help extend the growing season:



  • Doug of Doug's Blog wrote a post titled, "Vegetable Gardening Tips" that offers more advanced "tricks" to coaxing more production from vegetables such as cabbage and brocolli. What about herbs like basil and parsley that you want to maintain for future harvest? Go see Doug.


  • Oh Grow Up Blog has a timely post on "Second Season Gardens" with some recommendations for vegetables that can go a second round plus some others that can be tucked in now for the fall.


I'm off to a family reunion.

I have a "garden sitter" watching my vegetable garden for me- can you believe it?

Hope my green tomatoes ripen while I'm away.

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  2. The simulcast is a great idea. I will bring it up in one of their marketing pow-wows! I’m working on some exciting stuff for garden centers and will let you know more in a couple of months. Hope to meet you and your wife sometime.

  3. Hi Shirley,

    I intended the above to go to your personal e-mail but alas it showed up here. Anyone reading this post and the resultant comments should understand that the last two we’re written by a “quite mad” nurseryman from northern California, and in no way represent the usual discussions here at this most wonderful blog!

  4. Hi Shirley,

    I will not be attending the IGC show coming up. It’s hard enough to get away for a few days of r&r. I wish these shows would simulcast the speaker portion. I bet people would pay, then I could glean some info without having to actually attend.

    I will look forward to your take on the show.


  5. Hi Cinj-
    How about for the fall? Are you in a cold climate?

  6. I guess I’d better get researching if I’m planning on getting a veggie garden planted next spring. I hope to get loads of yummy tomatoes to eat when you return!

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