Make a Lightweight Container Garden:Less Soil!

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You can make a lightweight container garden with less soil when you use one of my favorite gardening accessories- the Ups-a-Daisy planter insert.



Watch garden video: "Make a Lightweight Container Garden Using Less Soil"


When you see huge containers at the mall or in public spaces, you can bet that they aren't filled from top to bottom with potting soil!

Designers have many tricks for filling large containers with all kinds of material to avoid filling pots with soil!


This is mine.


Materials Needed for Lightweight Container Garden


Lightweight faux ceramic or authentic ceramic pot

Potting soil

An Ups-a-Daisy planter insert


Desire to create lighter weight garden container!





Select a lightweight container such as this fiberglass faux ceramic pot.


This 15-gallon container cost me nine dollars at Ralphs Market! 

Look for blow out sales at market floral departments after any holiday.

Many of their "gift" plants are planted in pretty containers and since your goal is to purchase a pot, don't worry if the plant looks as though it's dying!


Read about my other gardening "steal"  for some more inspiration!


I find that the best values are for containers that are larger than  five gallon size. 

I'm usually not concerned about the weight of my smaller planters.

The larger ones are the challenge!


Generally, faux pots are less expensive than their "real" counterparts and are available in a variety of finishes including simulated stone, metal, wood and cement!

Many faux material containers are very convincing- I've been "fooled" a few times.



Insert an Ups-a-Daisy planter insert into your container. 

The planter insert should fit about 3/4 of the way down the pot.

Notice that the insert has drain holes to keep water from ponding around roots.




The Ups-A-Daisy planter insert comes in many sizes and can be used over and over again in different planters.


The plastic  Ups -a-Daisy inserts are used instead of gravel or broken crockery for  drainage, so don't add any other material to your container.


Push insert down into planter until it wedges itself and can't be pushed any lower.

The insert should sit low in the pot, but afford enough depth for roots to grow and spread.




Fill the planter with a lightweight potting soil.

Never use "planting soil" which is heavier and made to mix with your garden soil in the garden!

Add your plants. 




I discovered these gorgeous, Golden Cypress  in a small 4"-inch size.

Golden Cypress sports a lime green color when indoors, but turns to a rich golden color when outdoors in the sun.






Now that your container garden is half-filled with soil, it will be easier to move around in your patio.

The Ups-A-Daisy planter insert makes an unexpected and very welcomed gift for the gardener in your life.

More gardeners should know about it!


What do you use to make your container lighter?

Comment below!


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