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Strawberry Plants- How to Control Weeds

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Strawberry plants and weed control  begins months in advance of planting your strawberries through proper soil preparation.

It's a very simple process but requires some physical activity on your part.


Don't be.


If you are short on time and space, you can plant your strawberries in a container.

Have you seen the "Strawberry Tower?"

This is the planter to use for maximum strawberry planting in small space!

Planting strawberries in white planters is visually stunning.

Take a look on my Foodie Gardener blog.


Strawberry patch in edible front yard display garden

A dedicated strawberry patch, even a small one ranging between 40 to 50 square feet, is managable by most gardeners and will supply a season's worth of strawberries for a small family.


Garden Video: Strawberries Versus Weeds!

Please watch this short and entertaining garden video called, "Strawberries Vs. Weeds Richard Simmons' Estate: Gardens Of The Rich & Famous"- I'm the garden expert for the show!

In it, I outline how to prepare your garden soil for strawberries.

It supposedly takes place in exersize guru, Richard Simmon's  home, but it is actually my client's home.

So, not only will you learn how to prepare your soil for strawberry plants, you'll also get to see one of my gardens! 



Prepare Garden Soil For Strawberry Plants


  • Select a site that is as weed and pest free as possible that receives all-day sunlight. Southern exposure is ideal.




  • Three months (minimum) before planting, pull all visible weeds and apply corn gluten to the soil to act as an organic pre-emergent herbicide.


  • Water your soil a few times a week in order to encourage weeds to grow.


  • As the weeds grow, pull them and apply more corn gluten.


  • Repeat these steps for a few months in order to encourage latent weed growth and strategic weed killing!


In Southern California, November is an ideal month for planting strawberries.

There is plentiful sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures that strawberry plants appreciate.


Plant Your Strawberry Plants!

Now that your have garden soil  is moderately weed free, it's time to plant!



Install a weed blocking fabric on top of your strawberry patch and secure with pins.



Cut small holes in the fabric where you will plant your strawberry plants.


Don't make the holes too large because weeds can grow through them and choke out your beloved strawberry plant!

The weed blocking fabric prevents the sun from penetrating the soil and encouraging weeds to grow, supressing their growth.



Pine_Needle_Wood_Bark_Garden_Mulchwill help reduce amount of weeds that emerge.

For greater protection, add a 3 to 4-inch layer of mulch on top of your weed fabric.


As your strawberry plants grow, feed them through their small planting hole and stay on top of any weeds that manage to "break through."

It should be relatively easy to pull them as they emerge.


Are you ready to prepare your soil?

You should be!



Shirley with "Gardens of the Rich and Famous" writers and actors, Emma (l) and Ari (r)


What other methods of weed control do you use for your garden?


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