How-to-read-fertilizer-label-and feed your soil video with Shirley Bovshow

How to Feed Your Soil, Read a Fertilizer Label

by / 1 Comment / 339 View / October 5, 2012

Learn how to feed your soil and read a plant fertilizer label. Ari and Emma ("bodybuilder dudes" in this video) demonstrate how soil nutrition is similar to human nutrition.


Garden expert, Shirley Bovshow explains how soil breaks down plant nutrients, what the numbers on a fertilizer box mean and demonstrates how to properly fertilize a plant.



"Way to Garden" is a unique "gardening 101" series that blends solid gardening information and humor.

Garden designer and garden coach Shirley Bovshow shares her gardening tips and creative design ideas with two young newbie gardeners (and comedians) Ari and Emma.


Watch the complete, entertaining series and build a basic foundation for gardening and crafting from the garden!

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  1. I understood each and everything … is stunning and informative…Thank you for sharing..

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