Butter dish terrarium by Shirley Bovshow as seen on the Hallmark show, "Home and Family"

Butter Dish Terrarium By Shirley Bovshow

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Take a look at how adorable it is and it couldn't be easier to make!


Butter dish terrarium with bunny and sea shell by Shirley Bovshow Bunny figurine and seashell are great details for a butter dish terrarium!


The best part is if you are short on time and want to make a unique gift for someone, my butter dish terrarium will take you about 5 minutes to make and cost around ten dollars, including the butter dish!


Materials for Creating a Bunny Dish Terrarium


  • Glass butter dish: Mine was on sale at Home Goods for $3.99!
  • Horticultural charcoal: This is special activated charcoal for horticultural use, not BBQ!
  • Pea gravel: Don't use large stones. Small gravel is better for drainage.
  • Potting soil: Ordinary potting soil. You'll need a few tablespoons.
  • Sphagnum moss: Buy at garden center or craft store
  • Reindeer moss: Buy at garden center or craft store
  • Baby's tear plant: Buy small 4"-inch pot. Remove half of the soil so that root area is less than one-inch tall.
  • Seashell: Everybody has a seashell laying around, put it to work!



Drainage materials for terrarium include horticultural charcoal and pea gravel. Add potting spoil on top of drainage layer Create proper drainage for terrariums with pea gravel and horticultural charcoal.



Steps for Creating Butter Dish Terrarium

  1. Add a thin layer of 50% pea gravel and 50% horticultural charcoal to the bottom of the butter dish for proper drainage.

          Don't make it too thick as you still have to add the potting soil and plant and need to be able to cover it without squishing the plant!


      2. Add a few tablespoons of potting soil on top of pea gravel mix.

          Use only enough to cover the roots of the baby's tear plant.


      3. Remove half of the soil from the baby's tear plant so that it stands less than one-inch tall. 

          Don't worry, you won't kill your plant!

          Plant in soil and cover the roots.



Sphagnum-moss-reindeer-moss-sea-shells-for a butter dish terrarium by edenmakersblog Moss varieties and sea shells for decor.


       4. Use some sphagnum moss around the perimeter of the butter dish to keep the gravel, soil and plant in place.


       5. Mist the baby's tear plant and surrounding moss.


       6. Top dress with decorative reindeer moss so you don't see the soil or gravel mixture.


        7. Add seashell and bunny decor. Have fun!


Closeup of  glass butter dish terrarium by Shirley Bovshow A whimsical little world under glass!


     8. Cover the butter dish planter and place in a bright spot that does not receive direct sunlight.

         Terrarium plants are especially vulnerable to scorching so place in a safe spot.



Butter Dish Terrarium Maintenance

The good news about most terrarium plants is that you don't have to fertilize them!

Fertilizing encourages rampant growth and this is the opposite of what you want for your terrarium plants.

Small, short and slow growing plants like Baby's tears are ideal under glass. 

They behave!


Don't be alarmed if you see condensation drops on the glass, this is normal.

It means that the terrarium is moist.


Open the butter dish periodically and check the moisture level.

If the baby's tear plant feels dry, mist and water it again.


This particular design is very easy care and I water mine every 10 days.


Terrariums are back in style after a short hiatus from their hayday in the 1970's!

Don't feel that you have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful display.

Some of the nicest terrariums showcase a single beautiful stone or piece of wood placed on sand.


Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


Home-and-Family-Show-Guest Garden-Expert-Shirley-Bovshow with Host-Paige-Davis-Mark_Steines Paige Davis, Shirley and Mark Steines in front of Home and Family show house.


I'll be making regular appearances on the new "Home and Family Show," on the Hallmark Channel and presenting fun projects such as this one.

The hosts are  Paige Davis (Trading Spaces) and Mark Steines (E Entertainment).


The "Home and Family Show" is a unique, 2-hour LIVE show broadcasting Monday through Friday from 7AM to 9AM (EST) and 10AM to 12PM (PST).

I invite you to watch and subscribe to my Facebook page for updates of my next appearance on the show!







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  2. Wow, amazing idea for a gift! I have always loved fairy gardens as a child and would have loved one of these butter dish terrariums. You are so creative Shirley – thankyou so much for sharing this great idea with us all! http://www.squidoo.com/fairygardensupplies

  3. Where would you find horticulture charcoal? Can you use regular charcoal if you can’t find the regular stuff? http://www.geekchoice.com/washington-dc

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