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Video Tour of The “Home & Family” Show House Taped at Universal Studios!

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I'm honored to be the resident garden designer and "family member" for the Emmy-nominated show, "Home & Family" airing on the Hallmark channel, Monday through Friday at 10 AM PST.

The live, two-hour show is led by Mark Steines, (E Entertainment) and Cristina Ferrare, (super model, celebrated cook, author and TV host).


cast of home & family show with Mark Steines, host, Shirley Bovshow, Jill Simonian, Sophie Uliano and Sandie Newton


What makes this show unique is that it is taped in a REAL house that was built specifically for this home and family entertainment/how-to magazine show at Universal Studios in Hollywood, Ca.

Just as every home as multiple rooms and family members living in the house, so does the show.


Shirley Bovshow, garden designer with Cristina Ferrare for the Home & Family Show

On any given day, there are segments presented by the resident, expert family members for cooking, crafts, DIY, gardening, (me!), beauty, health, mommy, parenting, and more!

You can expect a celebrity guest or two to drop in every day so you can keep up with popular culture.


If you are looking for a home and garden TV talk show,  check out the Home & Family show on Hallmark channel, and record it so you can enjoy it during your time of rest without interruptions! 

There is no show like it.


I'll see you at the HOUSE!


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  1. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for watching Home & Family!
    Yes, Monday shows are taped on Friday.

    The show is taped, “live to tape” so if we make a mistake, oh well…. you will see it!

  2. I see that the Home &Family is taped daily from 1-3. How does this work to start a new show on Monday? Is a show taped Friday afternoon to be shown Monday morning? 


    Thanks, i really. Enjoy this show and tape every day because I work.


  3. How do I get a signed picture? Big Fan

  4. Hi Barb,

    We tape Monday through Friday from 1 to 3 PM.


  5. Hi Ana.

    Write to:


    Thanks for visiting EdenMakers.



  6. How do we get tickets to your show. Love your show.

  7. I would like to come to the show!  What time do you tape?

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