Poinsettia Plants for Christmas and Holidays. Do you know how to pronounce Poinsettia correctly?

How to Pronounce Poinsettia Correctly

by / 3 Comments / 767 View / December 10, 2013

How do YOU pronounce "Poinsettia?"

Do you say "POIN-SETTA?"

How about "POIN-SETTIA," with emphasis on the long "i" at the end?


Watch Shirley Bovshow in this fast 20-second video,  "How to Pronounce Poinsettia Correctly" from her Garden World Report Show and see how well you did!


Watch Shirley on the Home & Family Show on the Hallmark Channel for weekly gardening segments!


3 Comment

  1. Thanks! (Just a few days ago we were discussing this very thing)

    Love the kiwi growing too.

  2. Hi Julieann- Thanks for visting EdenMakers. Glad I could teach you something new. Please drop by again in future.


  3. Thank you for teaching me how to pronounce poinsettia; I too have been pronouncing it incorrectly. Poinsettia is pronounced with "short i" not "long i" . The short i has an sound like "it" where long i has "eye" sound. Grea website, and I was reading about your miniature gardens!

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