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Pink Hydrangea and Pine Floral Arrangement

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Creative people inspire and invigorate my spirit!

One of the pleasures in my life is working with Cristina Ferrare, the multi-talented host of the "Home & Family" show where I appear as the garden lifestyle contributor.

Every week, Cristina sources fresh cut flowers from her local farmers market or from around the Home & Family "set" and creates a unique floral arrangement.



hydrangea-and- pine greens-floral-arrangement-edenmakers

This particular floral arrangement caught my eye the other day.


Cristina submerged a fresh, pink hydrangea flower head in a clear vase and topped it with more hydrangeas, baby's breath, pine stems and pine cones.

Underwater, the hydrangeas bract is magnified so that you can appreciate all the subtle shades of pink that make up the flower.

Sometimes, Cristina mixes fresh flowers with silk ones for a long-lasting display.


If the idea of submerging flowers is new to you, this is a novel way to display cut flowers.

When submerged in water, most flowers will last a much shorter time than when they are above water.

Bacteria grows faster, degrading the flower, but it can still be enjoyed for four to five days under water.


Visit Cristina Ferrare's blog, for delicious recipes and creative entertaining and lifestyle ideas!


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