Monrovia Growers: Would You Like Some Design Inspiration to Go With That Plant?

Monrovia Growers: Would You Like Some Design Inspiration to Go With That Plant?

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Independent Garden Center Show, Chicago 2008:

Shoppers at independent garden centers will have an added value service provided by Monrovia Growers, in-store boutiques that offer outdoor living and garden design ideas! Monrovia Growers, one of the world’s leading producers of container grown plants is setting up a “boutique within a store” display area in garden centers throughout the country.

 Don’t expect to see this level of inspiration in your big box stores- Monrovia has a staff of visual merchandising experts and  talented designers whose sole responsibility will be to keep the garden design ideas coming season after season. Monrovia does not sell their high quality plants in big box stores anyway and their stock is highly distinquished from their “anemic cousins” offered at discount outlets.

Monrovia worked the “foliage and texture” power combination to bring color to the autumn garden. I’m sold!

I got a preview of Monrovia’s design prowess at the Independent Garden Center show I attended in Chicago a few weeks ago. Their autumn container garden display was “out of the box” with uncommon use of landscape plants like phormiums, carex, huecheras and cotoneasters anchoring vignettes for the porch along with their signature topiaries.

A sense of playfulness and humor was evident in the use of unconventional “pumpkin” planters and the use of contrasting texture and form combinations like yellow mums and toffee-colored carex.


 Check out my video interview with Monrovia visual merchandising guru, Aaron Shiver at the Independent Garden Center Show.

Monrovia plants have always been popular with design professionals and now the general consumer can enjoy the full benefit of their quality plants along with some great ideas for using them in the garden and other outdoor areas.

Monrovia’s whimsical holiday display opens our minds up to the different possibilities.


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  1. Hi Lauren- I would love to see a photo of the area (you can upload one, by the way, to the comments by selecting “video message”) Not sure what zone you are in put in general, you will get a dramatic look if you put tall growing grasses in the middle and edge with short contrasting, tufty grasses. For instance, the middle can have a single tall specimen as the focal point such as a Stipa gigantea surrounded by a wave of medium height like muhlenbergia regens or bronzy carex t. and the edging- festuca o.

    The heart shape bed can be slightly mounded to create drama. good luck

  2. I need some opinions for a ornamental grass bed. The ornamental grass as the focal Point. The bed is shaped sort of like a heart. This bed faces the road and the walkway to the house. Any suggestions on what to use? It has to be drought tolerant and full sun. Thanks!

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  5. Hey Anna-
    Thanks for the visit. You would love working with Monrovia. The designers and visual merchandisers that I met were very down to earth and creative- you’d fit right in. I hear that they travel to different stores around the country. Must be tiring but worth it in the long run.

    I’m enjoying working on EdenMakerTV as well as GardenCenterTV. At the moment they are only “video blog programming” but I am working on full length internet and television shows.

    There is a buzz on many blogs right now about the need for quality gardening programs. I am in full agreement and thats why I’m on it!

  6. It is so interesting that you would choose this subject as I just noticed recently the new Monrovia displays at my favorite garden center. LA Reynolds Showcase Nursery in Winston Salem, NC proudly sets up Monrovia idea centers throughout the nursery. It was beautiful this year. I especially liked the evergreen display. I know I have a few pictures saved to my computer of those displays. They were very tastefully arranged. I just purchased two new Southern Wax Myrtles by Monrovia and they are stunning in my new garden.

    I think this is a classy way to promote the product. I enjoy merchandising and would love that job. I’ve been putting Coral Bells, grasses, and euphorbias in many fall containers for customers.

    This Edenmakers’ TV is fun and much needed. I was just telling Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings that you were doing a TV mini series. She has a post up about not seeing enough gardening shows these days. I think we are all discouraged so it’s nice to see someone like Monrovia and yourself giving new ideas to an old favorite. Thanks Shirley—it’s great!

  7. Hi Linda,
    It was a thrilling experience to be on the floor of a giant garden product exhibit. Can you imagine?

    Monrovia has always supplied excellent plants.

  8. Their plants are always large and healthy, and they offer such a nice variety. How lucky you were to be able to attend the show and see so many creative ideas in person. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Nancy-
    Yes, they do have beautiful designs. Do you have a Monrovia boutique in your garden center?

  10. What a great place, and stunning designs.

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