Garden Center TV: Hort Couture for the “Plantonista!”

Garden Center TV: Hort Couture for the “Plantonista!”

by / 4 Comments / 1350 View / September 16, 2008


Independent Garden Center Show, Chicago

''Hort Couture,'' is a plant brand  with an unconventional marketing plan.

The name is a play on the word "haute couture," or "high fashion" as it is referred to in the fashion design world.

Jim and Jennifer Monroe, founders of Hort Couture,  had a clever idea to create a "fashion-inspired" line of plants that would capture the attention of the non-gardening market by appealing to their "inner plantanista" and desire for stylish living.


Stylish living, after all, includes beautiful outdoor living "spaces," or as us dirty hand gardeners refer to, "gardens." 


Has the "House of Hort Couture" come to your area yet? I want to know!

They accomplished this with unique packaging and by offering the the most in-demand plant varieties of succulents, tropicals, edibles, phormiums, and specialty annuals and perennials.


"Fashion for the garden at an accessible price" is how Jennifer Monroe describes her Hort Couture plant collections.

Apparently, they must be on to something, because demand for the brand is growing fast, according to Jennifer.


The plants come in chic white pots that are decorated with black diamonds and gold Fleur de lis.

These pots look ready  "as is,"  for decorating a table or for special events.

They also offer an eco-pot made out of black rice hulls- their answer to the "little black dress." 


Check out my video interview with Jennifer Monroe of Hort Couture



Their vegetable and herb collections have names such as "Designer Basils," "Connoisseur Veggies," (tomatoes), "Salsa in the City," (cilantro, garlic, jalapenos and tomatoes), and other names borrowed from the fashion design vernacular.


Exciting gifts like this Box of Succulents is what I want to receive!


For approximately $30  dollars, this is sure to become a Hort Couture favorite!



Hort Couture brand plants may be targeted to the non gardener who wants to dress up their home, but I think the seasoned gardener will also appreciate the quality of their plants.


I know the difference between a fine specimen and a lesser quality plant, and the plants I previewed looked healthy, vibrant and seemed to be grown with care. 

If these plants are not much more expensive than non- brand plants, as I was told, then they are worth a look.


Hort Couture plants are available at independent garden centers throughout the country and can be found where ever you see the stylishly dressed model display that represents the brand. 


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  1. Shirley when you mention something is worth the look—I go look. So over I went to Hort Couture and was wowed right off my comfy couch. The plant material looks healthy and selection is superior. I love the vibrant color. I have to have the new flowering Vinca–it is stunning.

    Your interview made me want to drive up to Virginia and meet these folks—hmmm–sounds like a good day trip!

  2. I’m on the East Coast and haven’t seen one, but I love that succulent collection in the photo. The price actually seems pretty reasonable, too. There’s no reason that gardening can’t be fashionable and fun as well as practical. Love the idea.

  3. It is. I’m curious to know if anyone reading this has planted a Hort Couture plant and their experience with it.

  4. How clever!

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