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Repurposed Liquor Bottles: Jewelry, Ring, Key Holders

by / 0 Comments / 1964 View / April 30, 2015

I have a MAJOR liquor bottle collection that I've rounded up from alleys behind bars and pubs.

It's a curated stock of very pretty glass bottles that I use for various garden inspired crafts.

As a matter of fact, one of my favorite designs was when I took a couple of whiskey bottles and made a miniature rose arbor for a Valentine's container garden!


You can't beat the price: free, and no hangover!

Lately, I save my libation calorie allotment for kamboucha, a fermented, probiotic-rich drink.

Which reminds me, I've got to scope out kamboucha brands for good looking bottles!

Anyone know of any brands with knock out kamboucha bottles?


My mind never turns off so when I'm not designing landscapes or edible gardens, or a project for the Home & Family show, I love to craft.

Garden-inspired crafts are my favorite and I enjoy collecting glass bottles.






My stash of liquor bottles collect dust and spider webs until they are repurposed in a garden craft project!

It's a shame that these bottles are often thrown away when so much thought has been given to their gorgeous design.





My latest liquor bottle reincarnation involves a Patron Tequila bottle saved from the dumpster that now serves as a base for a jewelry ring holder tree!

Sand fills the bottom of the bottle to anchor a nicely-branched twig that provides the structure for the ring tree.





I'm very satisfied with this little jewelry ring tree craft because it's a great example of function and whimsy.


Ok, so having completed this craft, I was inspired to make more jewelry holders using liquor bottles.

Take a look!





I'm not sure what kind of alcohol was in this bottle, but it's filled it with tumbled green glass and functions as a bracelet holder!

This design takes advantage of the bottle's long neck and handle.

It's easy to stack bracelets along the neck and attach watches or other clasped bracelets on the handle.


Isn't it cute?

I can't get over the fact that I was actually tempted to go to Bed Bath and Beyond that day to buy jewelry organizers before I thought of upcycling my glass bottles!


Okay, okay, there's more…



Why not?

You saw my bottle collection, I have plenty at my disposal for crafting.




This bottle smelled like licorice so my guess is that it was a bottle for Greek Oozo.


I filled the bottle with multi colored pea gravel, topped it with moss and inserted a twig from the garden!

Notice how the twig has a multi-branched shape?

My eyes are always open for finding well-shaped twigs that can be used to hold things.


The liquor bottle key holder sits on my entrance table where I can easily hang my keys when I walk through the door, and take on my way out!

I don't lose my car keys anymore.


Do you collect liquor bottles?

Do you dumpster dive for them?

How do you upcycle pretty glass bottles?







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