Lechuza Self Watering Containers

Lechuza “Self Watering” Plant Containers!

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The Lechuza, "Self Watering" Plant containers were a hit at the Independent Garden Center Show, Chicago.


Garden Center TV: Post #5


The reason why I have failed with some of my container plants is because of improper watering.

Sometimes I over-watered my plants and "killed them with kindness" and other times I didn't give them enough water and they died a slow, thirsty death.

Sound familiar?


I was intrigued when I saw an ad in a garden trade magazine for "self-watering" plant containers by Lechuza.

I wasn't paying attention to the  self watering feature at first, I just liked the way they looked.


Once I noticed that the planters were designed with a sub-irrigation system, I was curious to see them  up close.

Take a look at this short video where I interview Anton Van Zevenbergen, of Lechuza.  

 Anton explains how the planter works.


When used correctly, the planter can maintain a plant for up to 12 weeks with no human intervention!


The Lechuza self watering containers come in different styles, sizes and shapes and are available at your independent garden centers throughout the country.


 The planters are lightweight and very convenient to use.


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  1. […] If you are extremely busy, you may want to consider a self watering container. […]

  2. Hi Keith- I believe I interviewed you at the IGC show 2 years ago. Thanks for dropping in! In order to reach mass groups, you need very good target advertising and exposure to these markets. You are correct in saying that a lot of people pass on indoor gardening for fear of killing plants and not knowing how much to water. Do you have any photos of your new ceramic planter? Please upload it to the comment section of this post. Select “video comment”

  3. Shirley,

    Good you picked-up on Lechuza, great company with whom my company Scheurich have very close ties. We actually have just launched a large indoor foliage plant ceramic pot with a Lechuza self-watering unit inside. The question I have has is if this idea can reach all consumers segments, as it is a perfect opportunity to bring younger buyers into the GC’s plant world, so many of them being afraid of having plants due to the watering issues.


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  5. I stopped using window boxes because it’s been too hot and dry these past couple of years. You would have to be out there with a watering can all day to keep them alive. Then you would be a slave to it and not be able to go anywhere. I would also think the window boxes could be used off a deck like mine. I would love to see flowers trailing down on my back deck! And what about that odd place out by the garage that you keep forgetting to water….or maybe you want an arrangement at a focal point a good distance away from your house and hose……out by the mailbox for instance……or like some folks around here who have a really long driveway. This sounds promising. Oh, the little ones would be a good idea for my geranium cuttings–they have to be moist but not wet.

  6. I love self-watering pots! I’ve tried many brands over the years and have always been amazed that they eventually disappear from the market. I would have thought self-watering containers would be so popular that eventually they’d be the norm. But not so, for some reason. I’ve got to say these are the most attractive I’ve seen. I’ll definitely look for these.

  7. Hi Kate thanks for visiting~ I am guilty of forgetting to water my indoor plants sometimes too.

    Hi Nancy, the Lechuza planters are beautiful, you are right. I like the fact that there was a focus on great design as well as convenience when they created these self-watering containers.

  8. That’s the first thing that would attract me to these containers, too — they’re beautiful to look at. They’d also be terrific to use if you were going to be away for a while. Thanks for bringing these to our attention. šŸ™‚

  9. I need this–I absolutely can not remember to water my containers!

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