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I started a trial for the UC Verde drought tolerant lawn in 2009 to see how it would grow and thrive in my very dry Los Angeles climate.

redwood soil conditioner mulch

Redwood soil conditioner

These are the claims made by the developers of the UC Verde drought tolerant lawn.


"Here's what sets UC Verde apart from the tall fescues and bermuda grasses:"

  • UC Verde grass uses up to 70-80% less water than common fescues and other popular varieties!

  • UC Verde grass grow is a slow grower and can be mowed every 5 to 6 weeks instead of weekly!

  • UC Verde is virtually pest and disease free so pesticide use should be nil to nothing!

  • UC Verde is low on the pollen scale – good for allergy sufferers.



  1. It's true that the UC Verde lawn uses 70 to 80% percent less water than common fescues, but in very hot, dry climates, it needs more water to stay green
  2. It's true that UC Verde grass is a very slow grower and can be mowed every 5 to 6 weeks, I never mow it because I like the "natural" look.
  3. I haven't found any fatal pests or diseases in my UC Verde lawn during the past 6 years. It's still alive.
  4. UC Verde is not a pollen problem for my family, not sure how it would affect REAL allergy sufferers.


uc verde lawn interplanted with ornamental grasses in order to add a more lush, green look to the lawn in los angeles  


I appreciate the very natural, green to slightly faded green color of my UC Verde lawn.

That said, it isn't the most colorful lawn I've ever seen and my husband is bothered by this.

He wants to rip it out all together because he dislikes the "ochre" colored lawn in winter.




The UC Verde lawn was at it's peak of beauty in it's third year.

My guess is that if I had fertilized the lawn, I could've maintained a more green color.

I don't want to fertilize my lawn, so I am living with the results of very little effort.


To mitigate the lack of green color in the UC Verde lawn, I've inter planted a variety of green, low water, clumping ornamental grasses and bulbs.

My lawn looks like a meadow and I really like this style.

It's not for everyone, husband included.


UC Verde drought tolerant lawn planted in the crevices between stepping stones in landscape designer, Shirley Bovshow's Los Angeles yard edenmakers blog

Neighbors often compliment my "meadow," and I find my lawn to be extremely attractive!


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Do you have any questions for me regarding the UC Verde drought tolerant lawn I planted in my Los Angeles garden?


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