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Thanksgiving Table Decor Using Material From Your Garden!

by / 9 Comments / 1276 View / November 22, 2011

Luscious Thanksgiving decor using material such as leaves and cuttings from your garden!


I dropped in on my client, Jill’s,  “gourmet garden” today and in the process saved her about $10 dollars on decor for her Thanksgiving table!

I found all of the “decor” in her garden and some of it I picked up from the ground.

“Shh, don’t tell Jill!”


Table decor can be as simple and fragrant as this foliage and fruit collection set around a candle lamp

I wasn’t there on a creative call, I was just there to do a little weeding and pruning, but in usual Shirley manner, my creative juices flared when I got a whiff of Jill’s rosemary!


Trim your rosemary, but don’t throw away the cuttings! Cook or decorate with it.


I made a clean cut on some broken limbs and saved the foliage for my creation and picked some lemons for Jill to use in her kitchen.


There were three delicious pomegranates ready for picking, so they had no choice but to be part of the “mad creation!”



The curvaceous leaves on the fig tree caught my eye too.


I gathered my leaves, rosemary and fruit and started on my very simple and fragrant arrangement


The candle was crying out for some company, so I came to it’s rescue!


The impromptu arrangement is pretty, fragrant and best of all, edible! Win, win, win.


Does your garden or yard have interesting fallen leaves, seed pods or fruit that you can use for holiday decor?

Don’t be shy, there is no “correct” way to decorate.

Put something together that makes you smile and makes you feel like an artist.


Happy Holidays!


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  1. I have seen the leaves used to form many things such as wreaths, candle rings, and mantle pieces. But I have never seen one done as a tree. I do have some nandina berriers that I’m including in the bunch and some juniper berries. I love to add that soft blue in the the reds and golds. I better get started on Mondy.

  2. Hi Frances
    It’s nice to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hi Anna,
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I make turkey- also 20lbs but it will have to feed 16 people. My family all pitch in with side dishes and desert so all I have to do is the bird, a side dish and host the dinner. My brothers even clean up afterwards! My husband, kids and I then visit his side of the family for desert.

    The “kitchen” photo you are looking at is actually her outdoor kitchen and dining room! This yard is to die for! Some people have it all!

    I like your idea of magnolia leaves for decor. Have you ever seen anyone use a magnolia tree as a “living Christmas tree” in NC?

    Enjoy your family

  3. What a different world you live in compared to me in NC. We do love our rosemary too though and sometimes it will stay evergreen if our winter is mild enough. I like your added touch to her candle.

    That tuscan fruit red and green is perfect for her golden setting. She has a beautiful kitchen. I guess that is a pizza oven? I bet she fixes fresh vege pizzas. Looks like she is in a spectacular location too. I can’t imagine the view.

    I’m going to be using lots of magnolia leaves( for Christmas) if I can talk my neighbor in to giving me several hundred. They should agree since the leaves are all over the yard. I’ll come and tell you when I get the pictures up. I was going to do it this week but we were too busy.

    Our Thanksgiving will be on Friday when the family can get together. Do you fix turkey or ham? Both? We’re having a fresh 20lber turkey. My boys are good eaters but my dil eats like a bird. Wish you were here for my sweet potato casserole! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi Shirley, that candle was so forlorn, it was crying out for company! Rosemary is the best and loves to be cut too. I wish we could grow pomegranates, the whole tree is exquisite. Have a very wonderful holiday!

  5. Thanks so much Nancy. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.


  6. It’s a lovely centerpiece, Shirley. Very creative, and I’m sure the homeowner was tickled. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  7. Thanks Philip. It’s great to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  8. Oh, and Shirley,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  9. That is a wonderful display, and just perfect to celebrate Thanksgiving.
    Best regards,

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