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Some of my best design ideas are the most simple ones.

My “instant indoor hanging planter” is one of them and makes me want to slap my forehead and say “duh!”

Why didn’t I think of this years ago??




Concentrate on combining plants with contrasting colors like this purple fancy-leaf begonia, trailing lime-colored philodendron and white and green striped, “spider plant.”


What makes this hanging planter different?

  •  With the instant indoor hanging planter, I can combine 3 to 5 different house plants with different soil needs as long as they have the same lighting needs.
  • I used a large, water-tight plastic saucer to “plant” my house plants instead of a traditional pot that can be heavy and drip water on the floor.
  • All of the plants are in their original plastic pots with plastic liners and are not “planted” in the soil together.
  • A swath of sheet moss covers the unsightly pots so you don’t see them!







  • You can combine ANY house plants that look great together even when they have different soil needs because the plants stay in their containers.
  • Easy maintenance- water in place or take each plant to the sink to water, fertilize and dust them.
  • Replace a dead or failing plant in the combination in seconds without leaving a trail of dirt all over the place!

I’m sure you can think of other benefits too!




Gather these simple materials to make your instant indoor hanging planter:

  • Wall bracket  or ceiling hook for hanging plants- select one that holds up to 20 pounds
  • Macrame plant hanger– they are back!
  •  A 12-inch or larger plastic plant saucer to hold three 4-inch pots
  • Plastic pot liners in size to fit your house plant pots.
  • Three 4″-inch house plants with same light requirements.
  • Roll of sheet moss available at craft store.



Put together a custom hanging planter with your favorite house plants to match your decor!

  1. Attach your wall bracket or ceiling hook securely and hang macrame (crochet) plant holder at a height where your plants will hang at eye level.
  2. Insert the plant saucer onto the macrame plant holder.
  3. Line your tallest plant with the plastic plant liner and set in the center of your saucer first (so your saucer doesn’t tip over).
  4. Add your “filler” plant next to the saucer
  5. Add your “spiller” or cascading plant last in front of the two other plants
  6. Adjust the foliage of all of the plants so that they “play pretty together” and look unified.
  7. Cut a piece of sheet moss the size of the circumference of saucer and place around the pots to hide them.



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