shirley bovshow with her living botanical cake arrangements made with eco-friendly Floral Soil, a green alternative to floral foam and beyond.


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Garden designer, Shirley Bovshow presents “Living Botanical Cakes” on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at the InBloom event taking place at the Flower Hill Promenade, in Del Mar, California.

These living botanical cakes are actually cake “look-alikes”  made with a patented, eco-friendly planting media made from the coconut coir called, “Floral Soil.”

The breathtaking creations combine fresh cut flowers as well as live, succulent cuttings that are inserted and arranged atop of the Floral Soil “cake” for a unique flower arrangement that last for months.



Change out the fresh cut flowers as they fade weekly, while the succulent cuttings continue to root and grow inside the Floral Soil.


Floral Soil is an eco friendly alternative to floral foam and beyond, because you can plant cuttings and they will root and grow!

You’ve never seen anything like this.


Attend Shirley’s workshop and receive a 6- inch Floral Soil “cake”, fresh cut flowers & foliage, succulent cuttings, moss, & fun, plus fun and informative instructions!

Mimosas, hot tea and all materials needed are included in ticket price.

Free event parking is located in the parking structure directly behind Whole Foods.

Register for the class at EventBrite.

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