onion rack planter from Dollar Tree store

Edible Gardening Containers From Dollar Store!

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My presentation on the “Beautiful Edible Garden” at  Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival was a hit last week in Florida!

After a detailed 45-minute presentation, my audiences stuck around for another 30 minutes or so to take photos of the  demonstration gardens.





What a compliment.


Shirley-at-Epcot giving away Baker Heirloom seeds

Shirley giving away Baker Heirloom Seeds


Some of the biggest hits were edible garden containers that we found at the local dollar store and repurposed as planters!


Take a look.


$1 Garden Containers!

onion rack planter from Dollar Tree store

<p>Hanging onion basket repurposed as edible garden container!</p>

 This is an onion rack repurposed as a hanging herb planter!  $1


Another hanging delight, fresh herbs are planted in a  $1 wreath frame.

Packed in moss and lightweight soil, the wreath maintains a neat appearance through occasional herb harvesting.

Make sure you hang this one where the sun DOES shine!


Kitchen colander $1 already has drain holes!


I’m sure you can find an unused colander in your kitchen cabinet or at the dollar store to transform into a countertop salad garden!

Just add soil and plants.

The drainage is built in!




This “Strawberry Tower” from the Bruce Post Company is one of my favorite finds for the garden!

The Strawberry Tower is made of rot-resistant western red cedar wood, is pyramid shaped with four planting sides, and comes in four and six foot tall models.

I like it because it offers excellent drainage for the berries, makes good use of vertical space and is a gorgeous addition to the garden or patio!


 Pre-seeded planting mats by Ambers Garden


Do you want a delicious edible garden but hate to dig or are short on time?

Would you believe that within this pre-seeded  mesh is a future salad garden?


“Amber’s Garden” is the brainchild of Connie Henderson and is available at your local garden center.

Check out what happens when you put this mesh on prepared soil and add water.




Five weeks later…a delicious and mixed “salad garden!”

I tasted these greens and can attest that Amber’s Garden salad is great-tasting and an option for the harried gardener or anyone with limited physical abilities.

No digging and no kidding!


Amber’s also offers a “Salsa Garden,” as well as an herb garden, pumpkin, gourd and other collections.



Watch the interview with Amber’s Garden creator, Connie Henderson.

I love this product so much, I HAD to present it at Epcot!




Once I had the audience fired up about creating their own edible edens, I sent them home with a Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company newspaper and free seeds!

Baker Creek graciously supplied enough heirloom seed packets for me to give away to all my attendees.

Thanks Baker Creek!




You should have been there.

Maybe next year!

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  6. Awesome ideas. The colander and strawberry tower are both really great.

  7. Another great year I see. I got a Baker Creek newsy catalog and love it. Those are pretty clever edible gardening ideas. I especially like the strawberry one.

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