Container Gardening

Succulent container garden from cuttings and recycled materials.Container Garden From Cuttings” 

 I created a stylish container garden using the “trimmings” from succulent plants that I pruned and a repurposed  copper beverage cooler as the planter. Next time you want to create a container garden, shop in your yard!




close up of succulent plantsCreative Succulent Displays

Take a look at what I did with some Coca Cola glasses from the Dollar Store, succulent cuttings and gravel. Let’s just say it sure doesn’t look like a 2 Dollar display garden!



copper container garden“Three Tier Container Garden”

I saw this spectacular, three-tier copper garden arrangement in Chicago and I just had to share it with you!



“Holiday Gift Ideas From the Garden!”


Gift ideas that stretch your imagination and budget! Use palm fronds as planters, hanging onion racks, outdoor pillows as “succulent tapestries”…




  “Portable Raised Garden Beds for the Urban Gardener!”

It’s exciting to be able to present some space efficient options for those of you who are short on yard space but big on dreams of growing your own food.



  “Potted Fruit Trees For Small Yards”


I have a virtual orchard of fruit trees and yet my suburban lot is average size, so how do I do it?

I plant  dwarf fruit tree varieties in pots and place them all over the yard!

 Memorial Day Container Gardens


I am posting photos of some of my container gardens and favorite plants  in honor of our war veterans on Memorial Day.

These pots are bright, bold and strong- just like our heros!




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