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Curb Appeal Front Yard Porch and Gardens

Curb Appeal: Five Inexpensive Front Yard Enhancements

Curb Appeal Front Yard Porch and Gardens

Enhancing the curb appeal of your house doesn't have to be expensive. Wether you are interested in improving the look of your  front yard for personal enjoyment or for  selling your home, here are a few of my top recommendations….

4 Comments / 6886 View / February 28, 2012

Self Watering Containers From Recycled Soda Bottles

Self watering containers from recycled soda bottles are gaining in popularity because they work and are inexpensive! You probably have soda bottles right now in your pantry or in the recycle bin that you can use to make "free" planters….

2 Comments / 1735 View / February 24, 2012

succulent planter muffin pan

Creative Succulent Displays!

succulent planter muffin pan

I’m always looking for new ways to display plants in the landscape or in container gardens. When your “day job” is as a garden designer, it’s par for the course. Here are two my my latest unconventional succulent plant displays…

16 Comments / 1344 View / May 6, 2010

“Not-Oprah’s Favorite Things” on Garden World Report Show!

This week’s new Garden World Report show is taking a fun turn for garden enthusiasts! Oprah does a yearly show around this time of the year where she presents her favorite products and does a giveaway. Oprah is not doing…

5 Comments / 396 View / December 1, 2009

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