Tova Martin’s “The New Terrarium” Book

Tova Martin’s “The New Terrarium” Book

by / 9 Comments / 444 View / May 17, 2009

Tova Martin is a well known garden writer, lecturer, horticulturalist and a prominent personality in the gardening world.









Great credentials but what impresses me most about Tova is that she gets her hands dirty- she is a gardener who writes.

My type of people.

Author of "Tasha Tudor's Garden," "View From a Sketchbook," and "Garden Whimsy," Tova also appears on the PBS show, "Cultivating Life," and serves as the show's editorial producer.


So what's the multi-tasking Tova up to these days?  

Tova  wants to revive the art of  indoor terrariums- popular in the 1970's and "freshly plated" for a new generation to digest.


Terrariums are plant arrangements enclosed under glass  for artistic display.

The mini glass eco systems thus created are perfect for slow growing, moisture loving plants like orchidsmosses and other tropical plant forms.









I just viewed a video clip of a recent  CBS "Early Show" segment where Tova presented terrarium creations to promote her latest book, "The New Terrarium."


 Using recycled materials found in most kitchens, Tova creates"delicious plant arrangements" using glass cake stands, fruit compotes, mason jars and vases.



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  1. A terrarium could be any type of enclosed area that is used for keeping plants or small animals. Thus, a terrarium could be a glass tank, a plastic bowl or even a mug, depending on the space requirements of the plant or animal.

  2. The terrarium, like its better known cousin the aquarium, is often designed to provide a sustainable ecosystem to be enjoyed from within a home or office environment. For the live terrarium enthusiast, much of the enjoyment is derived from the challenge of creating and nurturing that environment in hopes of continued rewards. For the non-enthusiast, the same challenges often bring disappointment and an eventual loss of interest.

  3. What's so cool about <a href="">Terrarium Containers</a> is that they are easy to take care of since you don't need to water them that often. Also as a beginner you can often get them pre-planted and built.

  4. Hi Jill
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Enjoy your garden.

  5. That book looks awesome! I have been admiring terrariums more and more and recently stumbled across a company called Seed to Stem- They are WORTH checking out! 

  6. I still have my terrarium from the 70s! Maybe it’s time to resurrect it? I’m sure this book could give me some motivation to do so!

  7. Hi Debra,
    Thanks for the offer. I just got a copy of the book in the mail. Wonderful inspiration- I started looking for unused glass objects in my house to make a terrarium with! Thanks for the link.

    Hi Anna,
    I recommend this book to you, though I feel you may just go crazy with it like I am. Tovah has a very motivating tone and I had to control myself from raiding my pantry for glass.

  8. How interesting. I received a nice big glass container for my birthday but not sure I did so well adding plants. I need help. I’ll be looking for the book. Very good segment. Makes me want to see what ideas she has pictured in the book. I don’t think I’ll be adding a army man and moose head though.

  9. Hi Shirley, so nice to see this video clip with my friend Tovah! I reviewed her book on my blog – here is the link. I’ll bring you her book to borrow the next time we get together! xoxo Debra

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