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As seen on the Garden World Report show, “Garden Magazines For Every Climate”

I appreciate my gardening books but there is nothing like  immediate access to information for plants that can be found online.

Have you heard of

It’s an online plant and gardening encyclopedia modeled after the popular “Wikipedia.”

So far,  has 16,711 plant entries and other articles written and edited by gardeners from around the globe, with 15,252 photos.

Muscari plant information screen shot of the “Featured Plant”

What I like about is that it’s an interactive site.

Registered members, (don’t worry, it’s free) can add new plant information and edit information about entries already on the site.

(Of course this kind of platform is subject to both high quality information and some that is less so).

This said, the “self policing” editing policy ensures that as more users participate, “inferior” information is weeded out.

I couldn’t help myself with that pun!

Some of the information that you will find on

1. “Featured Plant” with photo and extended information

2. Reference database with botany basics, cultivation, propagation,  plant maintenance, glossary of botanical names and glossary of gardening terms

3. A member’s forum and discussion board

4. Gardening ideas, trivia and more!

Watch live streaming video from gardenworldreport at

The creator of Gardenology is a young passionate gardener named Rafi. Rafi’s background in information and project management gave him a tech advantage and his passion for gardening, the catalyst for creating the site.

Check out and help it grow into a huge plant and gardening database with relevant, regional  information!

5 Comment

  1. Hi Raffi-
    My pleasure. Thanks for all your work.

    HI Mike.
    Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Looking forward to sharing more useful gardening resources.

    Hi Tee-
    2 hours! Wow, Raffi, did you read this? That’s amazing. Hope you shared some of your knowledge as well. Thanks for visiting EdenMakers.

    Hi Micah,
    Thanks for your visit again. Good to see repeat visits! How’s your site doing?

  2. A gardening-specific wiki is a great idea. My wife started to do one specifically for hostas, but shelved the idea when we started working on DoLeaf.

    It’s good to see that someone is taking the plant wiki idea and running with it.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a great site. I think I spent about two hours just browsing around reading up on some of my favorite plants, plus some new ones. Gardenology can definitely become addictive!

  4. Great info Shirley – such a useful and coomprehensive gardening site – and so accessible – thanks for the heads up!

  5. Thanks a lot Shirley for sharing on GardenWorldReport! My first time on camera was not nearly as scary as I anticipated 🙂

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